The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 60-1204M The Revelation Of Jesus Christ will be available until Thursday, February 7, 2013

1) What did Brother Branham say would help him be more sufficient to write the book on the Seven Church Ages?
To meet with all of his minister friends to ask questions and take notes on their ideas
He wanted one more healing campaign before being tied up for so long on the book
To take some time to go squirrel hunting to clear his mind and hear from God
To get to the pulpit where the Holy Spirit could come upon him to get the inspiration of it
2) From Revelation 1 to _____, is the Church; Revelation _____ to 19, is Israel, a nation; and _____ to 22, is both, together.
3, 4, 19
4, 5, 20
2, 3, 19
17, 18, 20
3) To whom was the book of Revelation directed?
The twelve apostles
The seven angels of the seven distinct periods of the Christian age
The Jewish nation alone
To Saint John the divine, who wrote the Book to the future generation
4) John lived the last of his years in the city of _______ and died there.
5) The Greek word for revelation is the apocalypse, which means "_______."
The unfolding
The coming forth
The looking back
The loosing of
6) The Book of Revelation is not so much the uncovering of the Person of Jesus Christ. Yet, it certainly speaks of His Deity and His sevenfold personage, but it is the revealing of the _________.
Relationship between God and man
Creation at the beginning of time, and destruction at the end of time
Future of His works in His seven church ages that’s coming on
Reason He died on Calvary and rose the third day
7) This is the most official Book of any Book in the Bible. This is the only Book that Christ put His seal upon. It starts off with a _____ and ends with a _____.
Greeting, salutation
Curse, curse
Curse, blessing
Blessing, curse
8) At the time of the Scripture reading, John was the pastor of the _______ church.
Smyrna church
Church of Thyatira
Pergamos church
Ephesian church
9) Satan is so against ________, because the entire canon of God's Word and God's Church is solemnly built upon it.
A man on the pulpit
10) Asia Minor covered all the continent of Asia.
11) Jesus could not be His own Father.
12) The word Sardis means "_____."
13) "He that was," was Jesus, a prophet. "He that was now," is a _____, making spiritual sacrifices..."
14) Josephus' history is a good one to listen to.
15) What is one of the Scriptures that Brother Branham reads to show that God the Father and the Holy Ghost is the same Person?
Matthew 1:18
Hebrew 11:1
Genesis 3:14
Romans 5:6
16) Whose writings in the Old Testament does Brother Branham read to his congregation to show that the Jews will look on Him whom they have pierced?
Isaiah 9:6
Zechariah 12:9
Ezekiel 37:3
Amos 9:1
17) Whose hands were crossed when he blessed Ephraim and Manasseh?
18) "There are three that bear record in earth:_____, _____, and _____, and they agree; not are one, but they agree in one."
Water, blood, Spirit
The Father, the Word, the Holy Ghost
The Lord, the believer, the Word
Soul, body, spirit
19) Jesus and the Father are one, just like a man and his wife are one.
20) In Acts 2:36, who do we find proclaiming, "Let all the house of Israel know surely, that God has made this same Jesus, who you crucified, both Lord and Christ."
The disciples