58-0519 Life

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Thursday, June 7, 2012

Four minutes into his message, Brother Branham tells the testimony of seeing a vision about a lady who would have to be given blood transfusions due to her trouble. What was her trouble?
Nervousness caused her to hemorrhage and lose blood
Tuberculosis was taking over her body
Ulcers had broke in her stomach
Female trouble
Brother Branham said, “And many times I see death, but I never say nothing about it, unless I know it’s going to happen. Because sometimes death could be pronounced on you, and yet, prayer could change that.” Who was this done by in the Scriptures?
How many days was it before the Angel could get to Daniel after he prayed?
Christianity is based on ___________.
When was it that Jesus got weak? It was the same thing that caused Brother Branham to get weak.
When God was using His gift
When the people were using God’s gift
When He wasn’t using God’s gift the right way
When He hadn’t prayed to the Father
Brother Branham saw a vision of a man and baby getting healed, and then it came to pass. The Associated Press spoke about the miracle man in _______. They didn't know whether it was mystic or miracle.
South Dakota
After Brother Branham greeted a doctor on the street, what was the next thing he looked for before going up the steps to pray for the baby?
A mother sitting on the steps crying
A squirrel in a tree
A hoe laying behind the gate
A young boy carrying a water bucket
Why didn't Brother Branham pray for the sick baby immediately when he came into the house?
The lady with the brown coat wouldn't let him
The mother wasn't a Christian
He didn't feel it was the right time
He had to wait for the lady with the brown coat on
Where did Brother Branham read for a Scripture lesson?
The 3rd Chapter of St. John
The 63rd Psalm
Job the 7th chapter
St. Matthew 1:1
_______ is what controls us.
Our minds
Our hearts
Choose the correct answer concerning Phileo and Agapao love.
Agapao love would make you pray for the man’s sinful soul that insulted your wife
Phileo love is the love of God. Agapao love is human love
Agapao love would make you jealous and shoot a man if he insulted your wife
Phileo love would make you pray for the man’s sinful soul that insulted your wife
Why do people crave for the things of the world?
They are giving the devil the place that God ought to be
God made them to thirst, and they try to satisfy it with the things of the world
The devil's put something over on them and they don't know it
All of the above
There's no __________ to lay a revival on.
You gag at a _______ and swallow a _____.
Camel, gnat
Gnat, camel
Flea, whale
Whale, flea
When you are fighting one another, the devil just sets back and lets you kill your own self.
If you wound a deer and he can get to _____, you'll lose him.
When a man looks on a woman to lust after her, the man is guilty and not the woman.
Many times Brother Branham shot these off his horse when they were getting their calves.
Mountain lions
Just like Judas Iscariot, what modern-day person sold out to the devil?
Ernie Ford
Arthur Godfrey
Charlie Barleycorn
Elvis Presley
When making an altar call, what question did Brother Branham present to the people to get them to think about their condition?
If Jesus Christ were standing in my spot right now, would you feel condemned?
Don’t you have the least bit desire in your heart to serve Him?
You want Jesus to seal you just the way you are now?
Did Jesus die the most horrible death so you can be lost?