The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 53-0609A Demonology, Religious Realm will be available until Wednesday, August 5, 2009

1) What song did Brother Branham sing at the beginning of the service?
Only Believe
Shine On Me
Come, Holy Spirit
He Careth For Thee
2) You don't scratch or pull him off because it could paralyze you.
A little black flea
An Africa fever tick
A mosquito
Africanized Bees
3) You only live about 15 minutes if it bites you. It was close enough to Brother Billy that he could have laid his hand on his head?
Black Cobra
Yellow Cobra
Black Mamba
4) Brother Branham's education was limited to what grade?
Ninth grade
Eighth grade
Seventh grade
Sixth grade
5) Brother Branham said all that he knew is what he received through _________.
Reading books
The Bible
Other ministers
6) Brother Branham said he had searched the world and never found one of these yet?
The perfect church
A perfect man
Religious fanatic
A holy-roller
7) Demons are just as real as Angels.
8) The rain was sent for both the wheat and the weeds.
9) Prophets are not laid on the hands and sent out; prophets are ______.
Chosen by the congregation
Picked by the pastor
First trained by the elders of the church
10) Who took Paul's girdle and tied it around himself and said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, the man that wore this will be bound in chains when he gets to Jerusalem?"
The Angel of the Lord
11) Satan has a counterfeit for every real there is.
12) God called Abraham because he was a great man.
13) In the Bible days, how did they find out things from God?
The prophet
A dream
Urim Thummim
All of the above
14) If you won't mind God, God will take you off the earth.
15) Why were the two little girls crying while they were packing up their clothes to go home from Brother Branham's meetings?
They were sad because they had to leave early
They thought they caused the FBI to go after Brother Branham
They were so happy that God healed their mother
Their mother had died
16) If there weren't really any FBI agents after Brother Branham, then who was it?
Two backslidden preachers
U.S. Marshalls just trying to keep order among the people
A group of ministers who tried to challenge Brother Branham's healing ministry
The Catholic Church had sent two priests to expose Brother Branham
17) Who did the witch of Endor call up?
The spirit of Elijah
John the Baptist
The spirit of Samuel
18) ________ was done away with when the Blood of Jesus took it away.
The after life
19) _______ no one. ____ everybody.
Trust, love
Condemn, love
Hate, trust
Condemn, believe
20) In a vision Brother Branham had, he saw a world with a rainbow around it. What did the rainbow represent in the vision?
The seven colors
God's covenant to never flood the earth again
The Blood of Christ