62-0909E In His Presence

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Thursday, December 31, 2020

What subject did Brother Branham want to take the next time they got together?
Seven Church Ages
Seven Seals
Seventy Weeks Of Daniel
Marriage and Divorce
Which tape did Brother Branham finish up from the morning service?
Present Stage Of My Ministry
A Guide
In the Presence of God, men recognize themselves to be _______.
Which of the following stories did Brother Branham NOT tell about being in the Presence of God?
When the dead Mexican baby came back to life
When Moses was on the back side of the desert
When God came down on top of Mount Sinai
When the Finnish boy was raised from the dead
Who said, in the Presence of God, “Depart from me, O Lord, for I am a sinful man.”
Saint Paul
John the revelator
John the Baptist
Saint Peter
Who had three and a half years of fellowship with Christ, was one of the writers of the Epistles, eat with Him at the table, slept with Him at the bed, and fellowshipped with Him wherever He went, but when he turned to see Him in Revelation 1, he had no more life left in him, and he fell like a dead man to the ground?
Saint John
Saint Luke
Saint Matthew
Saint Mark
The Bible said, “If a righteous man be _______, where will the sinner and ungodly appear?”
Raptured up
Lifted up
Scarcely saved
Found unholy
As the old proverbs is, “Fools will walk with hobnailed shoes where _______ fear to trod.”
The righteous
Most men
We’re not ordained to do nothing but stay with that Word.
“Any man that comes into the Presence of God is responsible before _______, from that minute on, to tell somebody else.”
All men
His church
The world
He had to be a trained man. He had to know what he was doing, for at any distance, as soon as the enemy arose, he could detect it. He could tell their march, he could tell their color, he could tell their rank and file. And he was higher than the rest of them, for he was trained to know the enemy. God required the whole city at his hand. Who is this speaking of?
The general
The watchman
The footman
The spy
God can forgive, but He can never forget it.
What did the daughter give her daddy to keep him quiet in the attic while she had a tea party?
A Bible
A Time Magazine
A geography book
A Reader’s Digest
“Millions now in sin and shame are dying, listen to their sad and bitter cry. Hasten, brother, hasten to their _______; quickly answer, ‘Master, here am I.’”
The place where Jacob had wrestled all night, in confessing his sins, was called Peniel. What does this word mean in the Hebrew?
“The place of unrest”
“Deliverance has come”
“The face of Almighty God”
“God has prevailed”
“Wouldn’t that be a good lesson for all of us tonight? Set the Lord before our face so we’ll be _______ of His Presence. Put Him first.”
When you realize God is around, you watch what you say.
Who was a great Philadelphian lawyer, but when he came into the Presence of God he dropped his law study and become a mighty preacher?
Oral Roberts
Charles G. Finney
Billy Graham
Jack Shuler
After coming into the Presence of God one day, who said, “Since then, I’ve desired to give my whole life for His service, only wish I had ten thousand more lives to give for Him.”
Brother Neville
Brother Branham
Dwight Moody
Paul Rader
Brother Branham said, “Remember, I’ve come down the East Coast, went across the South, and up the West Coast, and through Canada, and I haven’t met one church that’s as _______ as this church right here.”