59-0419A My Life Story

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Sunday, April 5, 2015

When Brother Branham told the people that he was going to talk on “My Life Story” for the first time in many years, he said: “I'll desire, that you in the radio land and you that are present, that you will not take my _______ to be stumbling-stones, but stepping-stones to bring you closer to the Lord Jesus.”
“Wherefore Jesus also, that he might _______ the people with his own blood, suffered without the gate.”
Brother Branham remembered a little old spring where they used to go get a drink of water out of an old _______.
Frying pan
Wooden spoon
Gourd dipper
Tin cup
“And Mother was _______ years old when I was born, Dad was _______. And I was the first of the _______ children.”
Eighteen / Nineteen / Eight
Fifteen / Eighteen / Nine
Sixteen / Eighteen / Six
Eighteen / Seventeen / Ten
What broke the Irish bloodline in Brother Branham’s family?
His grandfather on his dad’s side married a German
His mother was a Dutch woman
His father’s mother married a Scottish man
His mother’s father married a Cherokee Indian
What was Brother Branham’s first trip to church when he got up maybe ten days old?
The local schoolhouse turned into a church
The mountain Catholic church, called “Steeple Hill”
A little Baptist church called "Opossum Kingdom"
The “Missionary Baptist Church”
How did Mr Wathen keep ice out there in the country when they would cut it from a pond?
They would put it in sawdust
They dug a deep hole in the ground
They wrapped it in cowhides
They kept it under the house
What did Brother Branham wrap under his stumped toe to keep it out of the dust?
A chunk of wood
A corncob
A musket wad
A walnut
What kind of tree was Brother Branham walking under, while carrying water buckets, when he saw the whirlwind and heard a great deep Voice that spoke to him?
A great black walnut tree
A big ole water maple tree
An old southern red oak tree
A great white poplar tree
How much could you get a ham sandwich for when Brother Branham was a young man?
A nickel
A dime
Three pennies
A quarter
Why did Brother Branham want to find favor with Mr. Dornbush, who made whiskey stills for his dad?
He had a pretty little daughter that he liked
He had a nice boat that he wanted to use
He wanted to fish in his pond
He had a gun that he wanted to hunt with
Brother Branham said, “Later on I found a girl when I was about twenty-two years old, she was a darling. She was a girl that went to church, _______ _______. Her name was Brumbach, B-r-u-m-b-a-c-h, come from the name of Brumbaugh.
Irish Catholic
German Lutheran
Southern Baptist
Staunch Methodist
How much money was Brother Branham making an hour when he wanted to ask Sister Hope to marry him?
Twenty cents
Dollar twenty
Eighty cents
Two dollars
Happiness does not consist of how much of the world's goods you own, but how _______ you are with the portion that's allotted to you.
Brother Branham pastored a church for seventeen years and never got one penny. They had _______ years loan to pay for the church, and it was paid off less than two years. And he never took an offering of no kind.
Sister Hope worked so hard to help Brother Branham to have enough money to go up to this lake to fish. Where did she work?
Ten-Cent Store
Fine's Shirt Factory
Schimpff’s candy store
Colgate factory
What time of day was it when Brother Branham rescued the woman and her children, and his boat got into the main current of the river and wouldn’t start? It was sleeting and snowing.
Six o-clock in the evening
Five o-clock in the morning
Nine o-clock in the morning
Eleven-thirty at night
What was it that made Brother Branham forget to buy Chiffon stockings instead of Rayon?
Thelma Ford stopped him at the ten-cent store
Somebody on the street said, "Hello, Billy!"
Mr. Spon telling him the perch was biting
A pretty little dress he wanted to buy for Sister Hope
Where did Brother Branham tell Sister Hope to go when the Lord comes, and when she’d see all of them come in, stand there and start hollering, 'Bill! Bill! Bill!' just as loud as she can? He’d meet her there.
Over on the righthand side of the great gate
Just over on the other side of Jordan
There by the little cabin on the river
Just on the outside of the pearly gate
In Heaven, little babies are not little babies, they're immortal. They never get old or never grow.