The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 64-0614E The Oddball will be available until Friday, April 30, 2021

1) Brother Branham was supposed to be going overseas, and he asked the Lord if something happens that he couldn't, then it would be a sign for him to do what?
Return to Arizona to receive his next commission
Have a healing campaign around the country
Sweep the nation with a revival to repent or perish
Come back to Jeffersonville and preach the Seven Trumpets
2) Who was dying with a complete heart failure and heart block, and Brother Branham asked for God to give him strength because he loved the meetings so well?
Brother Wood
Bill Dauch
Mr. Baxter
George Wright
3) "Because the ________ of God is wiser than man; and the ________ of God is stronger than man."
Wisdom / Strength
Foolishness / Weakness
Depth / Height
Wisdom / Weakness
4) What was the name of the little Dutchman who said, "You know, you take a automobile coming down the road, and you take all the nuts out of it, you ain't got nothing but a bunch of 'yunk!'"?
5) "You know, the world gets in such a rut till every once in a while you have to have a ________ to straighten it out."
6) Which of the following is NOT one of the characters that Brother Branham told us became a nut for standing for what is right?
7) Brother Branham said, "I hope you don’t miss it. To know _______, this day, amongst a religious group, you are a _______. It hasn’t changed."
The Bible / Christian
The Truth / Rebel
A real pastor / Heretic
Jesus / Nut
8) "If you’re _______ to the world, they’ll pull you. If you’re _______ to the Word, It’ll pull you. It depends on which you are _______ to, what nut you’ll follow."
In love
9) Satan has no bolts and nuts in the kingdoms of this world.
10) "Jesus said. Now, be careful, ’cause these nuts and bolts look a whole lot a like. Just watch the thread. _______, He said, "It would almost deceive the very Elected."
Matthew 7:21
Matthew 24:24
Mark 13:27
Revelation 13:7
11) Jesus said that all the prophets were gods.
12) We belong to the one and only Church. You don’t ________ It. It’s not a denomination. You are _____ into It.
Follow / Lead
Look for / Pulled
Affiliate / Connected
Join / Born
13) What happened after Brother Branham prayed for the woman that had fourteen operations of cancer, and there wasn't a trace of cancer anywhere?
28 of her family was saved and filled with the Holy Ghost
Her backslidden husband surrendered his live to God
She was baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ
She became a missionary in Africa, and led thousands to Christ
14) If you put the three points to a diamond, the light against a three-point object will make how many colors?
15) "And we believe that God is to be manifested in the last day, among His people, to the elect Seed, according to the Bible, in the form of _______. That’s exactly with the Word."
Messianic sign
A group of men
16) How long after God told Abraham he was going to have a baby by Sarah did it happen?
Three years
Twenty-five years
Ten years
Nine months
17) "He’s a living, present tense, His Word made manifest. Hid Himself in _______, in His Church, revealing Himself by your faith and my faith, together, coming together, making the unit of God."
Carnal men
Human veil
18) "God is here to _______, draw you right out of your sickness. It’s a promise of the Word. Just remember, it’ll start tightening..."
Life you up
Pull you through
Give you strength
Thread it up
19) What is the song that Brother Branham sings at the end of this sermon?
God Be With You Till We Meet Again
Take The Name Of Jesus With You
Blessed Be The Name
I Love Him
20) "I call you my friend. Remember what Jesus said about that? "Closer even than a _______," yeah, a friend."