64-0410 Scriptual Signs Of The Time

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Tuesday, October 31, 2017

“And the church has an _______ from Jesus Christ. “In My Name they shall cast out devils; speak with new tongues; if they take up serpents; or drink deadly things, it’ll not harm them; if they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover.” That’s His given _______.”
We will never make a believer, as long as we’re afraid to exercise the authority that’s been given us by Jesus Christ.
“When God made man in His Own image, he was a _______, and there was no man to till the soil. Then, He put him in the earth after…in five senses. He made him a _______ with the Spirit of God in him.”
Masterpiece / Creature
Physical being / Mortal
Spirit-man / Animal
Angel / Working man
When they rejected Jesus, they were living in the glare of another light, the light of the _______.
“He never told them how He come down and how He was going back up. But watch, all the time, those disciples couldn’t explain It either, but they believed It. They couldn’t explain It. They were _______. They couldn’t explain It.”
Ordained to that Life
Confused and illiterate
Obedient followers
Brother Branham reads Scripture from the 12th chapter of Saint Mathew, where two Bible stories are referenced. One is the story of Jonah in the whale’s belly, and the other is _______.
Daniel in the lion’s den
Joseph and the coat of many colors
Queen of the South
Moses in the bulrush
Noah went in the ark on May the _______, and the door was closed, and it never rained for _______ days after he was in the ark.
Thirteenth / Five
Seventeenth / Seven
Twelfth / Twelve
Fifth / Seven
“Israel was always relied upon their signs instead of _______. They were supposed to. God sent them prophets. The prophets give signs.”
Synagogue teachings
Denominational creeds
Intellectual speeches
“God’s got to promise it by the _______, and then a _______ is to attract the people’s attention to it. And then the _______ follows the sign, that’s the doctrine goes with it."
Sign / Teaching / Church
Word / Sign / Voice
Voice / Church / Congregation
Angel / Leader / Miracle
“A prophet, hisself, is a sign. When God sends a prophet, look out, _______ ; it always has, it always will. There is no way around it.”
Persecution is under way
Temptation will begin
Sin is out of control
Judgement follows it
Who will be called-out, separated and different, filled, Holy Ghost born, washed in the Blood of the Lamb?
The Bride
The 144,000 Jews
The foolish virgin
None of the above
The Word of God should always be of private interpretation.
When Brother Branham talks about those who had his tape Message on The Bride Tree, what did he say is ripening the fruit at this time?
The Pentecostal revival
The evening Lights
Unity among the church world
The morning stars
Brother Branham told us, "Remember, all prophecy has a _______ meaning."
Who is Brother Branham talking about in this quote? "He wasn’t chastising him. He was trying him. He was proving to Satan He had somebody that would believe Him in the face of difficult."
What happens when you feed your little goldfish?
They go right down at the bottom and rests their little swimmers
They stay right at the top until it's time to feed again
They start swimming to help digest the food they ate
They float on top of the water like a boat
"Don’t go on somebody else’s _______. Just go what the Bible says He is. Take what He says He is. Find out what He is, if He lives or not."
“But, you know, there is something about, when your heart begins to hunger to find a _______ of God, there is no danger in the way. You don’t see any danger. You don’t see any _______. You say, “Well, will I get well?” There is no question in your mind. Genuine faith anchors itself, there is nothing going to move it. It stays right there.”
Genuineness / Disappointment
Faith / Letdown
Truth / Discouragement
Reality / Failure
Brother Branham told us that we are a germitized seed in the ground, and we must _______ or we’ll never come up in that first resurrection.
Serve God’s purpose
Go to church every Sunday
Memorize every Word of the Bible
Pay our tithes
"Don’t never let Christ become _______ to you, friend. Don’t never do that. You just believe with all your heart and all that’s in you."
A ritual