64-0830E Questions And Answers #4

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Sunday, May 27, 2012

The first letter Brother Branham brings up was a question about a dream. What did he tell the person who wrote the letter to do?
To give Billy their address
To pray and seek the Lord for the answer
To speak with Brother Neville because he has the gift of prophecy
To take it somewhere else, he couldn't interpret the dream
Brother Branham told the people that he was making his permanent home in Arizona.
Why didn’t Brother Branham speak the reason he went back to Arizona the second time?
Satan would block it
The people would not understand
It had not yet been revealed to him why
He had promised God he wouldn't tell
This Message is the same Message that Luther preached, same Message that Wesley preached, the same Message that Pentecostals preached, only something added to It.
If Jesus made a promise and the inside man says that it's true, but the outside man reasons that it can't be true, then _______ the outside man and _______ the inside man.
Accept, ignore
Agree with, disagree with
Ignore, accept
Praise, rebuke
In the Indian Chief's story of the white dog and the black dog, which dog wins the fight?
Whichever one Chief feeds the most
The black dog because he fights dirty
The white dog is always stronger
It's a tie because they are about the same size
Down in a meeting in Meridian, Mississippi, the Holy Spirit told a lady to go pray for a baby. What did the baby suffer from?
The baby was deaf
It was a blue baby
The little baby had cancer
It was suffering from a skin rash
Who will populate the earth outside the heavenly city?
The kings of the earth
The Bride
Now, it isn't promised that sinners has Angels; it's only the redeemed has Angels.
Why did they call Brother Branham a "Kentucky squab?"
Because he said he saw visions
Because he went to church
Because he was from Kentucky and his mom being a squaw
Because his daddy was a moonshiner and he had to help him
Who was the one in Revelations 22:8 that wouldn't receive worship from John?
One of the prophets
Michael the archangel
One of the other apostles
Did Jesus change the physical mask several times when appearing to the disciples after His resurrection?
Yes, He did it on five different occasions
No, He withheld their seeing or knowing Him
No, they knew it was Him all along
He only changed it once
If the case may be that the devil is placing thoughts in your mind about a certain thing, how may it be overcome or got rid of?
Take the very vice versa from it
Constantly repeat a prayer in your mind
Just give in to the devil and the thoughts will go away
Talk to satan to see if what he's telling you is the truth
Who in the Bible said the following: "If a man die, shall he live again?"
Where is the place for all the Bride to gather?
In Arizona
In Jeffersonville
In Christ
In Africa
What kind of snake was Paul bit by while picking up sticks on the Isle of Crete?
Garter snake
Is the seventh angel, as spoken of in Revelations 10, the same person as Elijah of Malachi 4?
In the days of Noah, how many years was considered to be a generation?
100 years
120 years
70 years
1,000 years
If a woman's husband refuses her to read the Bible, go to church, or something like that, she doesn’t have to obey that.
Who was the girl that stood on the corner and gave the drunk a tag that said, "Where will you spend eternity?"
Sister Meda
Sister Georgie Carter
Sister Rosella Griffith
Sister Hope