The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 56-0726 Love will be available until Monday, November 7, 2011

1) We have the same _______ of God's Spirit as Jesus had.
2) God had already showed Jesus what was going to happen to the woman with the blood issue, just like He had already shown Him about Lazarus.
3) Brother Branham speaks about two occasions where he was weak from having a prayer line, and then all of a sudden snaps back to feeling better so he could make an altar call. Where did these two occasions take place?
At the Branham Tabernacle and at Brother Boze's church in Chicago
The last time he was in Shreveport, and during the Macon meetings
The evening before this message in Shreveport, and at the Cadle Tabernacle
Houston, and Prince Albert Saskatchewan
4) What is the only thing that's got any value in it?
Human life
Lost souls
All the above
5) Where did Brother Branham read from in the Bible?
I John 4:18
I John 5:2
John 3:16
John 4:11
6) Brother Branham said he would choose love over any of the nine spiritual gifts.
7) "When _______ has been projected and comes to its end, then _______ will come in and take its place."
Divine love, sovereign grace
Sovereign grace, Divine love
Mercy, Divine love
Sovereign love, Divine grace
8) What do you create that you live in?
An attitude
An atmosphere
A world
A spirit
9) The love you have for God is "phileo" love, which is Divine love.
10) What was the name of the brother that got sick and went to Brother Oral Roberts for prayer, then came to Brother Branham when that failed?
Brother Ekberg
Brother Krause
Brother Moore
Brother Espinoza
11) When you've got perfect love of God in your heart, _______.
You don't question God about anything
You're not scared about nothing; you're just resting
It casts out all fear
All of the above
12) "The husband is sanctified by the believing wife, vice versa."
13) Who wrote "Man Sent From God?"
Brother Branham
Brother Lindsay
Brother Lee Vayle
Brother F.F. Bosworth
14) You can't bluff _______.
A dog
The devil
All the above
15) God dwells in the center of _______ and _______.
Fundamentalism, spiritualism
Emotion, projection
Humility, simplicity
Love, faith
16) What was the "best radio" Brother Branham ever heard in all his life?
God singing to him through His birds
Good old-fashioned Gospel hymn singing
The Neville Trio
The wind rustling through the leaves
17) Which of the following was NOT used by Brother Branham in this message as an example of a mother's love?
The mother opossum that came to Brother Branham's house
The mother doe searching for her baby
"Auntie" down in Memphis praying for God to send Elisha
How the mother of Moses taught him the precepts of the Lord
18) What did Brother Branham say was walking up and down the aisles?
Little children
Sick people
Repenting souls
19) What did Brother Branham say was the success of his praying for the sick?
Living a clean and holy life
Fasting and praying for the meeting
His love for the people
All the above
20) Brother Branham said at the end of the message, "the Holy Spirit is so _______ tonight. You've done what He said do"