51-0721 Life Of Demons, And Visions

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What animal did Brother Branham hear as he was walking down through a wilderness country in a vision?
A dog
A lamb
A horse
A cow
Where was Brother Branham during this vision?
At his mother's house
In his cave at Spring Mill
At the Branham Tabernacle
In a hotel
Who knew where Milltown was?
Billy Paul
Brother Neville
Sister Meda
Brother Wright
Where did Brother Branham feel the Spirit of God tell him to "Stop" when he got to Milltown?
At an old country store
On a bridge overtop Blue River
At a big white church up on a hill
At the sheriff's office
What did Brother Branham have to do in order to hold a revival at the church in Milltown?
Replace some windows and doors
Put a meter in the church
Get the city to sponsor the meetings
All of the above
How many people were in the congregation the first night of the revival?
How long had Miss Georgie Carter been laying in her bed with TB?
Nine years and eight months
Five years and one week
Seven years and six months
Twelve years and two months
What did Georgie Carter ask Brother Branham?
"Will you please help me play the piano again?"
"Will God heal me, like He did John Ryan?"
"Can you do for me, like you did for that Nail girl?”
"Is God still the same as He was in Finland?"
Where was Brother Branham baptizing when it seemed like Angels were setting on every branch of the tree?
At the end of Spring street
Fourteen Mile Creek
Falls of the Ohio
Totten's Ford
There was a certain minister who didn't believe in immersing, but during the baptism service, what happened that caused his entire congregation to walk out into the river, screaming with their good clothes on, to be baptized by Brother Branham?
Their minister told them it was ok
Someone spoke with tongues and another gave the interpretation
Georgie Carter walked into the waters healed of TB
The Holy Spirit swept down across the bank
Why didn't Brother Branham eat supper at Brother Wright's house after he baptized all the people?
He had to return to Jeffersonville for the evening service at the Tabernacle
There were more people that arrived to be baptized
The Lord wanted him to pray
Sister Wright got sick and needed prayer
When you try and pray, and the briers stick you, and the floor is too hard, that's the time to ______.
Find a new spot to pray
Press on
Give up and come back later
Change positions
What did Brother Branham see in the woods when he was about to go for supper?
Georgie Carter walking and healed
The Angel of the Lord in a white robe
A emerald green, yellowish Light shining down on him
A lamb
What did the deep Voice say to Brother Branham?
"Georgie Carter shall live and not die"
"Return to Jeffersonville"
"The revival is over"
"Go by the way of Carter’s"
As long as you're doing right, you can't be doing wrong.
What did little Georgie promise God she would do if He healed her that afternoon?
She'd go down and be baptized
She'd play the piano for His glory
She'd go to the Branham Tabernacle
She'd never do anything wrong again
When Georgie Carter's mother saw a vision, who appeared to her and said "Who's this?"
Brother Branham
Brother Wright
The Lord Jesus Christ
The devil
How much did Georgie weigh when she jumped to her feet perfectly normal and well?
Just under a hundred pounds
Not over thirty-six or thirty-seven pounds
Less than twenty-five pounds
Only fifty-five to sixty pounds
What song did Georgie play on the piano after she was healed?
"The Great Physician Now Is Near"
"Amazing Grace"
"Jesus Breaks Every Fetter"
"Jesus, Keep Me Near The Cross"
Brother Branham wasn't just trying to talk loud to the people during the prayer line, but he said sometimes them demons gets disobedient, and then you've got to do what?
Scare them away
Talk real loud so they can hear
Cast them out
Calm down and talk quietly so they'll leave