The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 57-0306 God Keeps His Word #1 will be available until Wednesday, August 7, 2013

1) Where does Brother Branham read in the Scripture for his text?
Exodus 8:7
Leviticus 27:7
Numbers 13:30
Numbers 14:8
2) Dr. Roy Davis was a ______ before his conversion, and he took everything from a legal standpoint in the Bible.
3) When Brother Branham was first converted and was ordained in the Baptist church, what was his first sermon he preached?
Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden
Job on the ash heap
Samson grinding for the enemy
Moses and the Ten Commandments
4) In the Old Testament there was about three ways of knowing the will of God. What were they?
The written law, by a prophet, by a dreamer
The Ten Commandments, by a prophet, God's audible voice
The written law, by a dreamer, through the clergy
By a prophet, by a dreamer, through a Bible scholar
5) The Urim Thummim has been done away with because _____________.
There are no more priest
That priesthood ended
The breast plate has been lost
All of the above
6) Brother Branham’s text starts off with a (an) _____________ way down in Egypt.
Covenant people
Weary people
Enslaved people
Backslidden people
7) Brother Branham thought that the coming of the Lord was ___________ .
Right on time
Past due
Already taken place
None of the above
8) "And if you want things to open up, ________ and start moving forward."
Live your dreams
Join a church
Be a hard worker
Take God at His Word
9) God always test His children by His Word.
10) When all heaven opens up all ____________ opens up with it.
Secret Places
11) What started any cult?
Witch doctors in the bush of Africa
Hungry children trying to find something to eat
Infidels who wanted to confuse searching children
Backslidden church members
12) The Bible said in _________, "And the antichrist deceived all that dwelled upon the earth whose names were not written in the Lamb’s Book of Life from the foundation of the world."
Revelation 9
Revelation 2
Revelation 10
Revelation 13
13) You are saved by signs and sensations.
14) "That’s exactly right, you take __________ instead of the Holy Spirit."
One another's spirits
One another's words
15) "_____________, and _______________, and ________________, is a finished product of Calvary. That's the Gospel, and nothing else will take its place."
Education, divine healing, church membership
Calvary, healing, salvation
Praying, repentance, baptism
Preaching, emotion, repentance
16) It'll come to a place to where they'll even make _______________ come right down out of heaven, the proof.
17) Who said, "If an Angel from heaven come and preached any other Gospel than this what you've heard, let him be accursed."
18) If the signs that's following is not in God's Word, then it's a _________ of something else.
Made up product
19) How do you come to Christ?
By crying all night
By going to the altar
By seeking God
None of the above
20) "Read the Word. Some of you don't read the Word once a week. You ought to read _______ after _______ every day."
Verse, verse
Page, page
Chapter, chapter
Line, line