The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 62-1223 The Reproach For The Cause Of The Word will be available until Tuesday, December 7, 2010

1) What was Brother Branham's dream about?
His son, Joseph
Jesus and the Bride
A husband cruelly mistreating his wife
Little, small birds in the shape of a pyramid
2) Who was Brother Branham talking to in the vision?
A mighty Angel from Heaven
His wife
The denominations over the Church
His son, Joseph
3) What did Brother Branham notice about the small birds in the vision?
They looked like they were trying to talk to him
Their feathers were beaten up and they were battled scared
They were in the shape of a pyramid
All of the above
4) When the mighty Angels came to Brother Branham, what did he think it meant at first?
He was receiving a new message
He was to be killed in an explosion
He was to move back to Indiana
All of the above
5) How many Angels were there?
6) Brother Branham described the feeling of the "Power of the Lord" as a blessing.
7) Where else had Brother Branham felt something close to what he had experienced in the vision?
Zurich, Switzerland
Cairo, Egypt
Karlsruhe, Germany
Durban, South Africa
8) How did God make it known to Brother Branham the He was going to send His Messengers for his commission?
He sent seven doves into the room
An Angel spoke to him, just like in his first commission
There was a great trembling of the earth that shook his home
The Lord brought His Power upon Brother Branham again
9) Where does Brother Branham read from in the Bible?
I Timothy 3
The 89th Psalm
Matthew 21
Hebrews the 10th chapter
10) Which of the following is NOT used by Brother Branham as an example of something that has to go through rugged and hard things to bring out the true nature of the object?
A diamond
A seed
11) Nothing happens just accidentally to those who love the Lord and are called according to His calling.
12) Brother Branham was _______ when the Holy Spirit said "Go out to yourself," and told him, "There is a trap set for you. Be careful now."
In Chicago
At his home in Jeffersonville
On Hurricane Mountain
In Sabino Canyon
13) What was the trap that the Holy Spirit had warned Brother Branham about?
Ministers were going to question him about baptizing in the Name of Jesus Christ
He would get lost from his wife and son on Hurricane Mountain
A young man and young woman making fun and scoffing at a meeting
A man faked his sickness in a prayer line
14) How would we read the Bible if we read It like Willie Pruitt?
Only read the gospels
Have our mother read It to us
We would read our name in the Scripture
All of the above
15) What did Brother Branham see hanging in the air when he got "THUS SAITH THE LORD" about Brother Hall?
Rotten peaches
16) We're not supposed to manufacture the fruits of the Spirit.
17) How did the wise men know that the Messiah was on the Earth?
Three stars moved together
They read about Him in the Scriptures when they got to Jerusalem
Angels appeared to them one night and told them He had arrived
They had a vision about the birth of the Messiah
18) Where were the wise men when they saw the Star?
In the West
In the North
In the East
19) What book of the Bible was Brother Branham referring to when he said, "Without contradiction great is the mystery of godliness; for God was manifested in flesh, seen of Angels?"
20) Jesus wrote many words.