The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 58-0720E The Placing Of Deacons will be available until Sunday, August 7, 2011

1) One person has the say-so over everything in the church.
2) The church are those who _______.
Come and support the church with their presence
Support the church with their tithe
Support the church with their offerings
All of the above
3) Which of the following was NOT one of the brothers that Brother Branham mentions as being on the past deacon board?
Brother Luther McDowell
Brother Cox
Brother Fleeman
Brother Higginbotham
4) Which of the following trustees lived between the two cities?
Brother Mike Egan
Brother Roy Roberson
Brother William Morgan
Brother Banks Wood
5) When Brother Branham and the pastor of the church came together about an honorable young man suggested to be a deacon, why was he not exactly qualified?
He was formerly a Catholic
He was a cigarette smoker
He was a single man
He was too young
6) The Bible requires a deacon to be a married man.
7) There was another man that was very honorable and qualified for the job of deacon, but he was disqualified of the office. What disqualified this man?
He was divorced from his wife
He currently held another office in the church
His children weren't under subjection
His wife didn't believe in the faith
8) As long as a deacon is under subjection, his family does not have to be.
9) Who was the general overseer of the church?
Brother Neville
Brother Branham
Brother Cox
Brother Wood
10) After it has been found favorable with the board and the pastor, and the overseer, to select some men who they think to be honorable and just men, who appoints them by their vote?
The church
The pastor
The trustee board
The old deacon board
11) After a man is appointed by the church to serve as a deacon, they are immediately ordained as deacons.
12) First a deacon must be appointed and see how they like it and how the congregation likes it. Then if it's alright on both sides, how are they ordained?
By prayer
By prophesying over them
By laying on hands
By baptism
13) When did Brother Branham want to ordain these men to their office?
Later on in the service
The following day after he held this service
At the beginning of the revival he wanted to hold after he got some rest
After he returned from his upcoming healing campaign
14) How was the old set of bylaws destroyed?
In the 1937 flood
During the renovation of the church
Attorneys destroyed them while investigating Brother Branham's tax case
They were accidentally thrown away during the cleaning of the Tabernacle
15) Which of the men who were found to be honorable and just men for the place of deacons in the Tabernacle was also to be an associate to Brother Neville?
Brother Hollin Hickerson
Brother Tony Zabel
Brother Taylor
Brother Collins
16) Where in the Bible does Brother Neville read the requirements of the deacon?
I Corinthians 11:24-25
I Timothy 3:8-12
Acts 6:5
Romans 4:7-11
17) What does Brother Branham ask the congregation to do to show whether or not they signify each man to be just and honorable man that's found worthy in their sight to become a deacon?
To raise their hands
To write down their vote on a piece of paper and pass it in
He asks the ones who agree to say "yea" and the others to say "nay"
He asked them to stand up
18) In this tape service, one hundred percent of the church found all the brethren worthy in the sight of God for the office that God called them.
19) Which one of Brother Branham's children took a hold of his shoulder and said, "Daddy, that, I sure liked that preaching this morning?"
20) She's got brown eyes and shorter legs than her sister.