59-0611 The Time Of Decision

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Thursday, June 30, 2016

“And they called Rebekah, and said unto her, Wilt thou go with this man? And she said, _______.”
I cannot go with thee
I will go
I am a Samaritan, how can I go?
My father must decide
Brother Branham said, “There’s a time where we cannot stand _______. And if God shall permit, I don’t believe that we’ll be able to leave this church tonight in the same conditions we did when we come in to it. If the Holy Spirit shall come and do His work among us, then we are forced to say “yes” or “no.” We cannot remain the same.”
One sided
There’s many times that God doesn’t tell His prophets just what to do, because they have to make the decision.
If there is no decision that we have to make, just wait every move on God, then there is no _______ on our part.
“And we learn in here a beautiful lesson of _______, a type of God the Father hunting for a servant to go find a Bride for His Son. That’s what the Father’s doing today. He’s looking over His group to see someone that He can put trust in, that’ll take the Message that He sends to the Bride.”
“What a beautiful picture of a real servant of God: His whole attention is on the _______, telling the people, not about himself, but about the _______, and about the Son.”
Eliezer wasn’t satisfied with just going. He wanted some kind of an assurance. And he kept questioning, “What if the woman won’t come? Then what did he hear from his master’s lips?
“Do not fear, I send my prayers and blessings with thee”
“Be strong and courageous, be not afraid nor dismayed”
“The LORD thy God will make thee plenteous in every work of thine hand”
“The Angel of the Lord shall go before you, and He will persuade her”
“The Name of the Lord is a _______; the righteous run into it, and are safe.”
Mighty tower
High city
Strong hold
Cleft in the rock
When Eliezer had the assurance that the Angel was going before him, then he could decide to go, because he had something to _______.
Physically hold to
Speak for him
Back him up
Lighten his load
“And every true servant of God that’s sent out has got a whole Book full of Divine promises that he can offer to the Bride. I’m so glad of that. He’s got gifts in there for her, and he will not hold any of them back. He will give every one of them freely. A true servant, a model servant, a servant that God can put trust in. He won’t try to hide it back from her, because he knows that she is the oncoming _______.”
What time of the day did Eliezer come to the well near the city?
In the freshness of the morning
In the evening time
About midday
In the lateness of the night
Brother Branham said, “I believe the Angel of the Lord beat him there about _______. For He will send His Angels before you, then makes the way clear.”
One minute
An hour
Fifteen minutes
A half hour
When Eliezer got to the well and started praying, he asked the Lord to “let the young woman that comes and gives me a _______, and also will _______, let that be the one.”
Morsel of bread to eat / Feed my horses
Drink out of the pitcher / Water my camels without asking
Clean garment of clothing / Wash my feet
Pound of silver / Buy my goods
“So why did Rebekah make that sudden move? Why did she go to the Waters of Life so quickly? Why could the Angel speak to her?”
Because she was a blood relation to Isaac
Because she was in a desperate situation
Because she was a royal Jewish seed
Because her heart condemned her not
“Quickly, if they’re _______ to Eternal Life, they’ll know it. There’s something in the message that stirs them.”
A lot of the servants of God have been hindered by _______.
Put-off decisions
Accepting God’s provided way
Being led of the Holy Spirit to make their decisions
Making their decisions based on faith
It was in the evening time when Isaac had wandered from the tent out into the fields to meditate. And when he seen the camels coming, Rebekah looked at him, and then what happened?
She wondered if she made the right decision
She got scared and turned away
She was unsatisfied with what she saw
It was love at the first sight
“He’s _______ tonight, just like He was Pilate of old. And it’s later than you think. What decision will you make now, when you see His Angel moving, see the message come? Jesus is coming soon. The Angel of God is here on the earth going before the servants, performing signs and wonders, just like Jesus said He would do.”
In your presence
Knocking at your heart
On your hands
Standing before you
What song did Brother Branham start singing at the end of the message?
Only Believe
The Old Rugged Cross
Why Not Tonight?
Near The Cross
The Angel of the Lord accompanies the message most of the time.