58-0609 The Message To The Laodicean Church

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Brother Branham said this was his _______ visit to Dallas.
Fill in the blanks: “And I trust that what little effort that I can put forth, that will be a blessing to all, to make the sinner realize that he is a _______, and to make the saint rejoice in _______, to make the sick know that there is a _______, and to my brethren to be _______, that’s to move forward with greater anticipations than ever before.”
Christ / Healing / Faith / Encouraged
Sinner / Christ / Healer / Inspired
Healer / Sinners / Inspiration / Converted
Christ / Healing / Faith / Excited
“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man _______, and will open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.”
See my face
Feel my presence
Hath great faith
Hear my voice
This text from the Scripture reading is the message to what church?
Why was the little Canadian girl sad the day King George visited Canada?
Because she was so little the king didn’t see her
She couldn’t see the king because of all the other kids
The king couldn’t hear her holler ‘Hail to the king’
She got all wet because it was raining outside
“No matter who you are, Jesus sees you, and He knows every little act that we do. Every little thing that you do for Him, every little move that you make, He keeps it on His _______. He knows all of us, whether we are important in this world or not important. We’re all important to His Kingdom, whether we are rich, poor, or indifferent.”
“It’s a pardon to those who want to accept it as a pardon, and it’s healing to those who want to accept it as healing. And it could be any great blessing that God has promised, if we will believe it and accept it as such (See?), no matter what size it is, what kind of a book it’s wrote on…” What is It?
God’s Eternal Word
““All that live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution,” says the Scripture. So the _______, we welcome that, because that’s what we have to have to put us through the fiery trials.”
“_______ must do the opening. _______ does the knocking. And that's the way it is with every person here tonight that's seeking God for anything.”
Christ / Christ
Christ / You
You / Christ
You / You
Which of the following is turned away more than all the others?
In the Scripture reading, what does the word “sup” mean?
To dine or feast
To sell or trade
To commune or fellowship
To sing and laugh
“We are Christians, borned again in the same family, a bunch of pilgrims. We’ll never see eye to eye, until we see Him _______, and be changed and made like unto His own glorious body.”
Face to face
In the form of man
Coming from Glory
In our new bodies
“If you ask me to your house, and I knocked at your door, and I believe that you love me well enough, you'd say, “Come in, Brother Branham,” and shake my hand and said, “Welcome.” Well, if you told me I was welcome, there's enough _______ in me to believe that I'd be welcome to anything in the house. “
“That’s my purpose of being here, is to try to tell you that Christ loves His people. And we must get together for the _______ of the Holy Spirit and the _______ of the church.”
Joy / Love
Moving / Rapture
Inviting / Uniting
Gifts / Edifying
There’s nothing more to do once you let Jesus in.
In the human heart, what is the first door when you turn to your right when you get inside?
The door of secrets
The door of temper
The door of private life
The door of self will
“You'll let Him save you from hell, but you won't let Him be your Lord. “Lord” means “_______.” “Lord” means “_______.” When He comes in, let Him be your Lord.”
A rulership / Ownership
A supremacy / Authority
A dominion / Possession
Of greatness / King
“Stand in my _______, Lord. Make me what You’d want me to be. Let me not take my own thoughts but take Yours, God. Lead me, oh Lord.” He will never take you from the Word. He will keep you right in His Word.”
Public life
Worldly life
Secret life
Private life
In the old clapboard shingled house that Brother Branham was raised in, how many beds did his mama used to stick all the little Branham’s in?
“And brother, I’m telling you, the church ought to know that it’s sun setting time. The sun’s going down. What’s these blessings that we see? What did the prophet say? “It’ll be light _______.” What kind of light? How does the sun travel? It rapidly rises in the East and sets in the West.”
At daybreak
Just before the setting of the sun
In the evening time
For all time