59-1120 A Prophet Like Unto Moses

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Friday, September 30, 2022

What is the one thing God cannot do?
Do supernatural things
Change His form
What is the purpose that Brother Branham believed the Lord sent him to help do?
Establish churches across the country
To unite the body of Jesus Christ together
Praying and healing the sick
Encouraging preachers to continue their work
"That’s what’s in my heart, to see all of God’s children _______. Then I believe when that takes place, the work will about be over then; the Millennium will set in. The rapture will come."
In one accord
With one heart
Moving on
All of above
Which of the following did Brother Branham mention as examples that nature is groaning for that day of perfection?
The sun doesn't shine like it used to
The stars are not in their orbits as they should be
The world is bulged out making the ocean more shallow in the center
All of the above
"And even to the church that’s _______ now will be _______ in the love and power of Christ, even till death itself won’t have any power over the church any longer."
In sin / In Holiness
Sick / Healed
Imperfect / Perfected
Fighting / Resting
All the privileges that Christ died for is yours. They are your personal property.
How many times a day should every home have the Bible read in it?
Two or three times a day
One time every Sunday
Three times a week
At least once during a service
What did the sainted old father do in Italy before they would even eat?
Talk about the good work
He fed all of his animals first
Read a portion of Scripture
He would hold hands with his family and they would sing
Who did Brother Branham say must have started the conversation like this: "I can remember when I was just a little boy, how my mother used to read the Holy Scriptures to me, and how I would enjoy that story of when God was bringing His people to this blessed land…"?
Young John
James the Great
Which of the following stories did Brother Brahnam tell as something that became common?
A man going to the sea that met an old sailor
The young man who was studying art in Rome
A man looking at the statue in La Salle Lorranes, France
The hunter watching the sunset
"And Satan catches you _______. That’s where he wants you: _______."
Out in the world
In sinful places
Off guard
What did Brother Branham say his favorite song was?
"I Love Him"
"Amazing Grace"
"Onward Christian Soldiers"
"When We All Get To Heaven"
"He’s so high in the heavens till He has to look down to see heaven. He’s above every Angel, every Archangel, and He _______ us. He knows our _______."
Sees / Friends
Blesses / Churches
Watches / Troubles
Corrects / Good intentions
They got so anointed with the Holy Spirit that they even spoke as if it was themselves. God expressing Himself through them.
The apostles
The prophets
The patriarchs
The priests
"We can just let our _______ be so wrapped into Him, and our _______ so under control, that He can move in and take away our own _______, and just do our thinking, confirming His Word."
Hearts / Spirit / Thinking
Homes / Attitudes / Sin
Churches / Members / Worship
Desires / Longing / Selfishness
"Now, the only thing that we can do through these offices is to express Christ to you, that you will see that He’s in ______, keeping His promise."
The church
The members
His Word
Offices and gifts
What is a miracle?
It's something science can prove
It’s something we can’t figure out
It's something we can see with our eyes
It's something we can understand
"The disciples had forgot; the Bible said their hearts were hardened and they forgot about the fishes and loaves. Now, if you’re in need, don’t forget _______."
The Bible
The stories
The sermon
The ten commandments
"I will promise you this; you’ll never be _______ to Him until you meet Him face to face."
Any closer
A friend
A child
Blessed is that person who hears _______ and heeds to it.
The voice of God
The voice of the world
The voice of the pastor
The voice of the church