65-0425 God's Provided Place Of Worship

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Friday, May 8, 2015

Deuteronomy is a Greek word meaning _____.
Book of correction
Spoken Word
God will provide
Two laws
We are dying, and living in a dying race, living in a dying age, living in a dying nation, under the banner of _____.
What is foreshadowing the coming of Christ?
How the sacrificial Lamb must be kept up
How the Lamb must be killed by the elders
How the blood must be sprinkled on the door
All of the above
There is nothing in the Bible that would type our modern organizations, except _____.
The Philistines
The only place God will ever meet you, is in that Son which was typed by the _____.
The life of Joseph
Sacrificial lamb
The brazen altar
John the Baptist
How long does it last when you get into this Place of worship?
Until you misbehave yourself
Every seven years you have to get there again
Until the day of your redemption
Until your next church service
What lights up the day, every day, from death of creeds, and to Life and to the Word of the day?
The sun in the sky
The anger of God
The living Presence of God
Council of Churches
You’ve got to have the _____ to the gasoline, or it’s not even as good as water.
When you buy a piece of ground, it isn’t yours until you _____.
Build a house
Plant seed and harvest
Fight off all the inhabitants
Got an abstract
“But the hour is come that every kingdom has to give away, because there is a Kingdom of God that’s established in the _____, by the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the Presence of Jesus Christ.”
Human mind
Human heart
Youth of the nation
Church body