60-0930 Visions Of William Branham

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Brother Branham did not start seeing visions come until after his conversion.
Who went along with Brother Branham when he went to pray for Mr. Merrell and Mrs. O'Hannian?
Brother Brace
Brother Snellings
Brother George DeArk
Brother Neville
What had to take place before Brother Branham could pray for Mr. Merrell?
His wife had to leave the room
Two white people had to come and stand on the other side of the bed
The doctors had to come in and suggest surgery
His condition had to worsen until the point of death
What was Brother Branham doing when he knocked on the door of Mrs. O'Hannian's home?
He was checking to see if the water was off
He was in the neighborhood telling the people about Jesus Christ
He was selling lamps and wanted to see if she would buy one
He was taking a sick call for Brother Neville
Brother Branham was already married when he prayed for Mrs. Mary Derl O'Hannian.
What did satan make Brother Branham scared of for a moment when Mrs. O'Hannian started moving towards the side of the bed?
That her children would not believe him
That she'd be bed ridden for the rest of her life
That she would break her neck if he let her hit the floor
That he didn't have enough faith in the vision he'd seen
When the little boy's body untwisted, he put his little hands in Brother Branham's and said "__________."
"Jesus has healed me Brother Branham"
"I'm perfectly whole"
"I can walk again"
"Praise the Lord for healing me"
What did the Angel of the Lord tell Brother Branham to do to the girl with polio?
"Go and baptize her, and she shall be well"
"You must get her out of bed, and tell her to walk 7 steps"
"Go, put your hands across her stomach"
"Rise, place your Bible in her hands and pray"
Who went along with Brother Branham and Mr. Emmel when they went to pray for Mr. Emmel's little boy?
Brother Neville
Billy Paul
Fred Sothmann
Graham Snelling
What did Mr. Emmel's youngest child have?
Double pneumonia
Black diphtheria
The Flu
What did Mr. Emmel do when Brother Branham told him about the vision and that his baby was going to be healed?
He tried to get to his house even faster
He gave his heart to Christ
He called his wife and told her not to fear
He took Brother Branham back home
Something was missing when Brother Branham prayed for the baby before the vision was fulfilled, and it got worse. What was missing?
An iron poster bed
The boy with blond curly hair
The old woman
The blue corduroy overalls
By not waiting for the vision to fulfill before praying for the boy, what lesson did Brother Branham learn?
To do exactly what He says, and don't do it till He says it's ready to be done
That even if you don't wait on the vision, it's still ok to move forward
Vision aren't always fulfilled perfectly
Not every vision comes to pass
Brother Branham said, "Mr. Emmel, let the little baby alone. It'll be _____ days before it leaves it, 'cause it made _____ steps unwinding."
Three, three
Five, three
Seven, five
Three, six
Where is South Boston, Indiana?
Just south of Charlestown
Down below New Albany
Just a little past Utica
Up above Henryville
When Brother Branham left the car because he felt the One who talks to him wanted to talk him, what was he attracted to look at?
A broken water meter
A large tree in front of an old house
A church and some tombstones
House numbers on the side of a mail box
Which of the following does NOT describe the man that came out of the store and told Brother Branham where Harold Nail was?
A yellow corduroy cap
Corn cobb pipe
Blue overalls
White mustache
There was a sign that hung up over the door in the room of the girl afflicted with polio. What did it say?
"God bless our home"
"All things are possible"
"Be still and know that I am God"
When the girl was healed and she jumped from the bed, what happened just exactly the way that it showed in the vision?
She hugged her mother and thanked Brother Branham
Her leg became worse for a few minutes, and then was perfectly normal
Her pajama leg came up on the right leg and showed the round knee of a girl
She screamed "Thank you Jesus" and ran around the house
What does Brother Branham and Brother Vayle do at the end of the tape?
Go over the spelling of the people's names from the testimonies
They both say a prayer to close the service
Talk more about where all these healings took place
They both share a personal testimony