The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 60-0417m Go, Tell will be available until Sunday, November 11, 2012

1) Who was Brother Branham with when he went squirrel hunting and met the infidel?
Brother Wright
Brother Collins
Brother Wood
Brother Wheeler
2) What did Brother Branham use as an example to show God’s power to the infidel?
An oak tree
A pear tree
A cherry tree
An apple tree
3) What did the infidel say had happened after a preacher came to Acton one time?
He gave a false prophecy
A woman he knew was healed of stomach cancer
The preacher came to his land and shot up all his squirrels
The preacher lied to the people and took their money
4) Where did Brother Branham read from out of the Bible?
Mark 16
St. John 1:11
Ephesians 2:6
Matthew 28
5) When Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of Jesus, and Salome entered into the tomb, what did they see?
Seven angels in white garments
Jesus' clothes where He laid
A young man in a long white garment
Pillar of fire
6) According to the Scripture reading, who did Jesus appear to first?
Mary the mother of Jesus
Mary Magdalene
7) Please fill in the blank. "You know, it doesn't do much good to go if you haven't got something to _____."
Go for
Go get
Talk about
8) In the story of the little boy running the race, what mistake did the little boy make?
He forgot to tie his shoes
He didn't train his body well enough
He ran the wrong way on the course
He forgot the password
9) Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father. What Scripture is this?
St. John 14:12
Mark 16:1
Luke 7:23
Matthew 3:15
10) What great American hero did Brother Branham use as an example of having a message to tell?
Pat Boone
Davy Crockett
George Washington
Paul Revere
11) What excited the old man so much who Brother Branham saw in the museum?
A picture of Abraham Lincoln
A dress with a spot of Abraham Lincoln's blood on it
The Proclamation written by Abraham Lincoln that freed the slaves
The old suit worn by Abraham Lincoln when he was killed
12) When Brother Branham greets the old man in the museum, what does he call him?
13) Who did Brother Branham say conquered the world and cried because there was nobody else to fight?
Adolf Hitler
14) How old was Jesus when He conquered death, hell, and the grave?
32 years old
30 years old
33 years old
38 years old
15) Brother Branham talks about a time when some local brethren got together and sponsored some meetings and rented armories. What caused Brother Branham to miss the meetings?
His throat closed up and he got a fever
He got held up in Jeffersonville and couldn't make it to the meetings on time
He had to leave to go out west
He did not agree with the meetings being held
16) Brother Branham saw a vision of a great big armory building that the sun shined down on and blew to pieces. How many people came and said, "We'll build this armory back up for you?"
Three men and a woman
Three women and a man
Two women and two men
Five men and two women
17) In Brother Branham's vision of seeing Jesus, what does Jesus walk out of?
A rainbow
The sky
A golden cross
The Pillar of Fire
18) What did Sister Hattie ask for when Brother Branham said she could have her hearts desire?
The healing of her crippled sister
For a million dollars
The healing of her sickly mother
The souls of her two boys
19) Who does Brother Branham quote as saying, "I haven't lost the war. I've just lost a battle?"
Abraham Lincoln
General Grant
General Patton
General Jackson
20) In the prayer line at the end of the tape, Brother Branham has Brother Billy Paul anoint the people.