The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 57-0806 God Projecting His Love will be available until Monday, November 21, 2011

1) The apostle Paul anointed handkerchiefs from his body with oil, and gave them to the sick.
2) "If the husband and wife doesn't solemnly _____ each other, they cannot _____ each other."
Trust, love
Love, trust
Care for, live with
Trust, pray for
3) Where did the story of the little boy that found the stamp in his attic take place?
New England
Shreveport, Louisiana
Louisville, Ky
Washington D.C.
4) It's not the big things that we do; it's the little things that we leave undone.
5) John 3:16 is a _____ to every mortal man and woman on earth, if it's received as a _____; but if it's not, you're still condemned.
6) If you lack confidence it'll make you what?
7) Brother Branham was preaching on _____ the night the insane man said he was going to break every bone in his body.
Divine healing
The Holy Ghost
8) Why didn't Brother Moore pray for the baby in Mexico?
The crowd was to great to reach the baby
The mother refused to let him pray for the baby
Brother Moore was afraid to go because the baby was dead
Brother Branham saw a vision and called for the baby to be brought to him
9) Brother Branham felt sorry for a poor blind man and wanted to give him his shoes, but his shoes weren't small enough for the man.
10) What kind of bull was it that charged Brother Branham?
An English longhorn
A Galloway bull
A famous Guernsey bull
A temperamental German angus
11) Who was setting on Brother Branham's porch with him when the opossum walked up to his house?
Mr. and Mrs. Wood
Sister Meda and Rebekah
Joseph and Billy Paul
Mr. Mercier and Mr. Goad
12) Mr. Wood was a veterinarian that lived next door to Brother Branham.
13) Which one of his children did Brother Branham say was going to be spiritual and had just saw their first vision?
Billy Paul
14) What story was Brother Branham speaking about Jesus when he said those things were the seal of His Messiahship?
The woman who touched His garment
Walking on the water
Feeding the 5000 with two fish and five loaves of bread
Raising Lazarus from the dead
15) What does the word "heathen" mean?
Wild man
Idol worshipper
16) Which of the following is NOT one of the three witnesses that Brother Branham said proves that his word is the truth?
All the denominations said it's the truth
The Holy Spirit in his ministry proves it's the truth
The scientific world knows it's the truth
The Bible says it's the truth
17) Brother Branham called out a man named Clarence from the audience. What did he suffer from?
Skin trouble
Gallbladder trouble
Nervous trouble
18) One of the ladies that Brother Branham called out missed her healing.
19) Brother Branham warned the people __________.
Not to be too starchy
That they're going to grieve the Spirit away from them, and won't have a revival
To fly to the altar and get to their repentance
All of the above
20) How long did Brother Branham say that he had waited to come back to Edmonton?
10 years
5 years
6 months
3 weeks