62-0123 Forsaking All

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Saturday, July 31, 2021

"And I’ve come to find out that, even since the days of the apostles, in all those great workings of the Holy Spirit, there is none of them that _______ this last move of the Lord, here in this last days."
Don't silence
Does not surpass
We want to hold onto everything that we can, and then follow Jesus. But sometime Jesus wants us to turn loose of everything, so that we can do what?
Show Him we're sincere
Keep our hopes in Him
Get both hands on Him
Give all our strength to Him
Which of Brother Branham's children said the following? "It may be so that you’ve got all of daddy, but I want you to know that daddy has got all of me."
Who made this remark? "We left our homes. We left our families. We left our lands. We left everything that we had, to follow You."
The young ruler
The beggar
What is the only way we can follow Him?
Follow His Word, obey It
Follow the doctrines of your church, faithfully
Obey the ten commandments, always
Read your Bible, pray every day
Never will the Holy Ghost ever deny any Word It ever spoke.
As long as the devil is after you, that's a sign of what?
That you are lost
He's going to get you
He hasn't got you yet
There's something wrong with you
Brother Branham said, "You forsake the things of the world, and the world, and the things of the world, and God will _______ you so many times."
Only help
Keep testing
When you become a Christian, you’re still only heir to certain promises in the Bible.
When did God bless Abraham?
When he left the land of Chaldea
When he joined Lot down in Sodom
Not until after his promised child was born
Not until he totally obeyed Him
What did Israel get for leaving the hot sun down in Egypt?
To receive the laws of Moses
To drink the water from the rock
To walk in the Light of God's Pillar of Fire
The freedom of religion and self will
What kind of prescription did Dr. Moses give to the people of Israel that were in the wilderness forty years, and they come out without a feeble one among them?
Believe and thou shalt be healed
I'm the Lord that heals all thy diseases
The same prescription they used in Egypt
Be of good courage, and follow thou me
Brother Branham said, "Why, I think we should be the _______ people in the world, to see the living God moving around us like this; knowing that we have forsaken all, to follow Him."
Most reverend
Most successful
Why did the old man that was deaf, dumb, and blind go to Sunday school every Sunday?
He was afraid to go to hell if didn't go
He wanted to be like Simeon of old that was in the temple
That was the way he had been taught since his childhood
He just wanted to let everybody know what side he was on
What does the very word church mean?
"Free, independent"
"Oddball, different"
"Called-out, separated"
"Redeemed, washed"
The Messiah was to be only a prophet.
"So we know that we must believe "_______ that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” That should be our _______."
Every Word / Daily bread
Almost every Word / Desire
Only the inspired / Sustaining
Some of the Word / Spiritual Food
"Verily, verily, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself; but what He sees the Father doing, that doeth the Son likewise."
Saint John 14:12
Saint John 3:16
Saint John 5:19
Saint John 9:15
People won’t read their Bible, so God always sends them a sign. And usually a _______ is a sign.
Natural disaster
None of the above
After Brother Branham had told someone what was wrong with them, he said, "Now, somebody out there thought that I guessed that." What did he say concerning this?
Don’t you never believe that
That’s sin. That’s unbelief.
God will condemn you for it.
All of the above