The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 64-0802 The Future Home Of The Heavenly Bridegroom And The Earthly Bride will be available until Thursday, August 7, 2014

1) "This second epistle, beloved, I now write unto you; in both which I stir up your pure minds by the way of ________: That ye may be ________ of the words which were spoken before by the holy prophets, and of the commandments of us the apostles of the Lord and Saviour:"
Remembrance / mindful
Learning / taught
Teaching / respectful
Scolding / fearful
2) Why did Brother Branham read Second Peter the 3rd chapter, and compare it with Revelations 21?
To show that they speak of two different subjects
Because Peter wrote them both
They each tell half the story
They both are speaking the same subject
3) How many stages of the world are there?
4) The same plan of redemption is used to redeem, both, world and the persons that live in it.
5) _______ will be taken from the earth, just exactly like _______ was taken from you.
Satan / Satan
You / Satan
Satan / The earth
Sinners / Sin
6) The baptism of ____, on earth, only is to cleanse it and make it a fit place for God’s meek to live in. Like He did us, His creation, to live in. Before He could come in it, He had to give us the baptism of ____; then the Holy Ghost come in and live.
Fire / water
Fire / Fire
Water / Fire
Fire / Spirit
7) To be the Bride, you have to be part of Him. What part of Him is it?
The Word that’s promised to all future generations to come
The Word that was promised to Abraham for the Bride of all ages
The Word that's promised for this day when He calls His Bride
None of the above
8) The Millennium reign, the thousand years, is the New Earth.
9) When does the Holy Convocation come?
After the last Church Age
After the last complete seven days upon the earth
After the Millennium
All of the above
10) You were made for a(an) ________ purpose, because you was the manifestation of an attribute that was in God, that thought of you and expressed you; and He made a earth to take you out of, and to make you a human being.
11) There is no such a thing as spiritual death to a baptized saint of God.
12) All the curse of sin is gone when _________.
You accept the Holy Ghost
You are baptized
The Holy Ghost accepts you
You die
13) Christ is on earth, today, preparing the New Jerusalem.
14) He ain't going to raise up a new _______; He redeems the one that's already here. He ain't going to make no new _______; it's this one right here. He's just going to burn it off, cleanse it, like He did you.
Person, Generation
Generation, world
World, Generation
Church, Earth
15) Who said one time, “It's given to you to know the Kingdom of God, but not to them?"
16) Jesus was the beginning of the creation of God.
17) "And they need no light, for the Lamb and the Lord God is the Light thereof."
Revelation 7:16
Revelation 21:23
Matthew 5:14
John 8:12
18) To ________, I will give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God.
All denominations
Them who have been baptized
Him that overcometh
Him that reads these words
19) Those who went in with Noah, by _________, was the one who walked out upon the new earth after its water baptism.
His position in the city
Being in his family
Their popularity
His message
20) Fill in the blanks from the song Brother Branham sang: "The _____ will be gentle, and the _____ will be tame; And the _____ shall lay down by the_____, And the beast from the wild, will be led by a child; But I'm going to be changed."
Lion, bear, wolf, lamb
Bear, wolf, lamb, lion
Lamb, lion, wolf, bear
Bear, wolf, lion, lamb