63-1226 Church Order

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why was this meeting called together?
For the purpose of knowing how to operate the Church of the living God
The city required Brother Branham to set these church laws in order
Brother Billy Paul requested it
The Branham Tabernacle congregation wanted these questions answered
Brother Branham said we've got to have some source somewhere where there's got to be an ultimate. What did he say to let be your ultimate on these questions?
This tape
The pastor
The congregation
The deacons
The church is responsible to take care of its own members if they need financial help for food or clothing. Who in the church is responsible for decisions of financial support to people who are not members?
The board of trustees
The pastor
The board of deacons
The treasurer
Paul had to speak to the _______ continually about their spiritual gifts and how to put them in order, because they made it an issue all the time.
"The _____ of the prophets is subject to the prophet."
Each of the gifts are a ministry of their own, and each man is commanded to _______ his ministry.
Seek out
Look for
Act on
Wait on
The English word, a preacher, means _____, that's a forth-teller of the Word.
An overseer
A prophet
A law giver
A priest
If one speaks with tongues and another interprets, then they have a private ministry together for the church.
Tongues, interpretation of tongues, or a prophet speaking is a direct message from God outside of what is written in the Word.
What is to be done if a person stands up and speaks with tongues while the pastor is preaching?
The pastor is to call them out and correct them
Nothing, we want speaking in tongues in the service
The treasurer is to stop them
The deacon is to speak with that person before they leave the building
How many Sunday school classes should there be?
Only 1
No more than 2
At least three
5 or more
What is the Sunday school superintendent supposed to do just before the preaching service?
Take up an offering
Go around and dismiss the Sunday school classes
Give a Sunday school report
Ask the congregation to raise their hands if they brought their Bibles
What is the church policy before taking an offering for one of its own members?
Make the member stand at the front door and plead his case
Have the member come to the pulpit and say why they need the offering
The deacons go and investigate the claims
The pastor takes a vote to see if they should give them an offering
Inside church is a great place to fellowship with one another.
Which of the following did Brother Branham say regarding the tape sales?
These tapes are by contract
They must have an "A-number-1" tape
No one else can make or sell the tapes unless permitted by the person that has the franchise
All of the above
Brother Branham said he didn't know of an office in the church any more strict than the _____ office.
Church member's
If there is an organized band in the church with a leader, then the church can talk to them about ______.
Buying their instruments
Making an album
Paying them a salary
Going on a tour
Who helps Brother Branham read the question that is written with very very fine print?
Brother Collins
Brother Billy Paul
Brother Neville
His brother, Doc
Brother Branham tells us how Jesus took on the part of a deacon, pastor, prophet and trustee. Which role did He take on when He said, "You blind Pharisees, leaders of the blind?"
Brother Branham said that testimony meetings do more harm sometimes than good.