59-1231 And From That Time

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Sunday, November 11, 2012

And then I always say this, "I will do this, if the Lord is _____."
In it
With me
Abraham’s father perhaps worshipped idols, because they came from ______.
If a ranch could raise fifty ton of hay, how many head of cattle could they put through the drift fence?
Fifty ton
Who was older, Brother Branham or Brother David duPlessis?
Brother Branham
Brother David duPlessis
No one that's led by the Spirit of God can ever be understood.
When Jesus had heard this, he departed unto Galilee?
That John the Baptist had been killed
That He was invited to Simon's house
That John the Baptist was cast into prison
That King Herod was sending soldiers after Him
Brother Branham and a certain minister talked to a drunk man on the streets of New York. What job did the man used to have?
He was the president of a bank
He owned a restaurant
He was the president of a law firm
He was the pastor at a church
Which Scripture verse did Brother Branham read out of the Bible?
St. Luke 12:30
St. John 1:33
St. Luke 17:26
St. Matthew 4:12
The natural man only has the five senses. But the believer, when he meets God, he gets something different; it's a _____ sense that lifts him up above the shadows.
Even before he met God, Abraham wasn’t just an ordinary man.
What did the old man that couldn’t make up his mind, do one day as a memorial?
He was baptized
He carved his decision into stone
He drove down a stob
He burned all of his sinful possessions
"From that time Jesus begin to preach, and to say, __________."
Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord
Blessed is he that's not offended in Me
He that hath an ear, let him hear
Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand
Who did Jesus speak these words to? "I will, be thou clean."
The women at the well
Blind Bartimaeus
The leper at the gate
Which of the following was NOT used as an example of someone who changed from the time that they met God?
The blind man setting by the side of the road
The leper at that gate
The thief on the cross
The maniac of Gadara
You can’t meet God and ever remain the same person you was.
The same man that predicted Pearl Harbor, also predicted that ________.
Russia would bomb the United States the coming Sunday night at twelve o' clock
California would have a powerful earthquake
The U.S would drop an atomic bomb on Japan
A man would land on the moon
God is not a God of variety; He likes everything to be the same.
"Oh, _____, where is your stinger? _____, where is your victory?"
Grave, death
Devil, grave
Death, grave
Satan, sickness
"I can remember laying here on the hospital bed. The doctors give me _______ minutes to live, my heart beating _______ times to the minute."
Ten, thirty
Five, twenty
Fifteen, ten
Three, seventeen
How many years was Congressman Upshaw in a wheelchair before he was healed?
Six years
Fifty-six years
Twenty-six years
Sixty-six years