62-1209 Remembering The Lord

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Friday, December 7, 2012

What time of year did Brother Branham preach this message?
New Years
What was one of the reasons Brother Branham liked the evening service?
It was evening time when he spoke his first message to the public
It was in the cool of the evening that God would came in the garden and talk to Adam
The people are more awake and attentive in the evenings than the mornings
It seems more healings and supernatural things take place in the evening services
Old Brother Bosworth used to have a sense of humor and said, "The baby that cries the _______ gets the most attention."
What song did a trumpet play the day the Tabernacle was dedicated, when Brother Branham was dropping his context into the cornerstone?
"Only Believe"
"How Great Thou Art"
"Down From His Glory"
"Down At The Cross"
When Balaam looked upon Israel, he saw a reason to curse them. But when God looked upon them, He saw _______.
The atonement
How rebellious they were
How orderly they were
What Scripture does Brother Branham call your attention to for his text?
Second Samuel 23:11-15
First Corinthians 11:23-25
I Timothy 7:8-10
I Peter 10:18-20
The week of this message, Brother Branham had to bury Brother Busty Rogers. Where did he bury him the first time in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ?
At the foot of Spring Street in the Ohio River
In Fourteen Mile Creek
In the muddy water of Totten's Ford
At the Branham Tabernacle
Every living creature that ever died in Christ will come forth again.
Communion means "_______".
To talk to
To remember
To think on
To eat
What is the golden text of the Bible?
John 3:16
Hebrews 13:8
Malachi 4:5-6
Amos 3:7
What does "Beerlahairoi" mean in the Hebrew tongue?
A dry and weary land where no water is
The well of Him that liveth and seeth me
Water in a desert plain
Hope for the hopeless
Who was cast out with no place to go, with a perishing child, and the water was spent in the bottle, when they heard a Voice speak and say, "Why weepest thou?"
Adam and Eve
Why did Pilate send Jesus to Herod?
Pilate wanted Jesus freed, and Herod was the only one that could free Him
The Jews wanted Jesus to go see Herod
Herod paid Pilate to send Jesus over, because he wanted to see His miracles
To make a mock of Jesus, and maybe straighten up the old grudge they had
What did Herod do when Jesus came before him?
He studied the Scriptures with Him
He asked Jesus to entertain him
He asked for mercy
He smote Him on the cheek
"You say Herod will have a bad place to stand? The man of this day will have a worse place to stand! Herod had _______ thousand years of experience, the prophets and sages. We've got _______ thousand, with a super teaching to what they had then."
Four, two
Two, Four
Four, six
Six, four
"And yet, how when I think of _______, how oft would I have hovered you as a hen would her brood, but you would not. How oft would I have gathered you? How oft would I have made this the--the garden spot where all nations would have flown into, but you would not."
Anything that stands between you and God, is _______, it takes the place of God.
An idol
Which one of the following had the opportunity to be an apostle, the highest calling in the Bible, higher than a prophet, but they sold that right for personal gain?
Brother Branham said, "The priest of them days will also remember they sold their chance of Him, their chance to become His servant, to become His disciple, to become a convert to Him." What did they sell it for?
Green poisoned jealousy
They were jealous of His Doctrine
They were afraid they would lose their prestige before the higher up-and-up people
All of the above
Brother Branham tells about a woman that he went to pray for in the hospital. What did her and her husband do that Brother Branham said God remembers?
They were awfully good to Brother Branham’s wife when she was a little girl
They paid tithes even when they didn’t have food to eat
They sponsored one of Brother Branham’s meetings
They bought Billy Paul a coat when he was little