The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 65-1205 Things That Are To Be will be available until Tuesday, February 7, 2012

1) Where does Brother Branham read in the Bible for a context?
John 14:1-7
Luke 14:7-10
Matthew 2:9
Mark 5:7
2) It seems to be that many times, this familiar Scripture is used in ________.
Funeral services
All of the above
3) Brother Branham wanted to speak on the subject, "Things That Are To Be," so that he might tie it together with the previous nights Message on _______.
"Sirs, We Would See Jesus"
"The Rapture"
"Satan’s Eden"
4) Who paid tithes while they were in the loins of Abraham?
5) Which book of the Bible does Brother Branham reference when he says the whole church is built upon Divine revelation?
Matthew 16
Matthew 28
Luke 7
Ephesians 4
6) What are some of the things we’re going to do in Heaven?
We'll all sit on a cloud and strum on a harp
We'll enjoy the same scientific achievements that we enjoy now, like automobiles and airplanes
We're going to work and live, and eat and enjoy
We're not going to do anything but sit and talk to each other
7) Jesus said, "In My Father’s House is many _______."
8) _______ is that prayer warrior, just stayed on his knees all the time.
9) Brother Branham said, "Now notice, many, "many mansions," many _____ mansions."
Places for
Reasons for
Kinds of
People for
10) When you see a man, trees, flowers, and things that are dying here on earth, they are only expressing one that's _______.
Dead already
Not perfect
11) _______ proves that this civilization come by Satan.
Genesis 4
Revelation 17:1
Ezekiel 28:13
Genesis 2
12) What has taken us farther away from God than anything Brother Branham knew of?
Educational systems
Church groups
13) When was the world baptized by immersing?
When the blood of the Creator dropped upon the ground
It won't be until the Millennium is over
In the days of Noah
None of the above
14) What is the great open door that Jesus stands in, something to get us out of this pesthouse?
The new birth
15) Why do expecting mothers crave certain things for the coming child?
Because there is something lacking
They need more room to grow
It's a false crave and means nothing
No one really knows exactly why
16) Which of the following is represented in the stalk?
The Bride
17) What was the one thing that Jesus asked in His prayer to the Father in Saint John 17:24?
That the cup could pass from Him
That the disciples would be baptized in His name
He asked the Father to receive His Spirit
He asked for our fellowship
18) Which Scripture tells of the king that made a supper and bid many to come?
I Kings 21:18
Mark 12:1-12
Matthew 22:1-14
Luke 13:6-9
19) If God could give a man anything better than salvation, He'd give him a _____.
Good job
Church for fellowship
20) Who does Brother Branham turn the congregation to at the end of this message?
Brother Neville
Brother Boone
Brother Boze
Brother Pearry Green