The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 52-0817E Do You Now Believe? will be available until Tuesday, January 22, 2008

1) Jesus could do nothing without ______ showing him first.
The priest
The people
The Father
The disciples
2) What Scripture did Brother Branham use for his text?
Mark 2:14
II Timothy 2:15
Luke 4:38
Acts 2:38
3) In the Scripture reading, what did Simon’s wife’s mother suffer from?
She was blind
She had leprosy
She had a blood condition
She had a great fever
4) In the Scripture reading, what did the devils say to Jesus when He cast them out of the sick people?
Who are you?
Why do you cast us out?
Thou art Christ the Son of God!
Why hast thou come to us?
5) How long had the man at the pool of Bethesda been in his sickly condition?
25 years
7 years
15 years
38 years
6) How many people did the Angel heal when he troubled the waters the one time he appeared each season?
5 people
1 person
3 people
2 people
7) What time did the Angel appear over Brother Branham when he was on the Ohio River baptizing?
2:00 pm
1:00 pm
11:30 am
12:00 pm
8) What does it take to convert a heathen to Christianity?
A well planned sermon
A really good translator
A miracle
You have to be able to speak their language
9) How many raw heathens and Mohammedans did Brother Branham say they had converted in one day?
Thirty thousand
Sixty thousand
Seven hundred
Three thousand
10) Who did Brother Branham swap auditoriums with while holding meetings in California one time?
Brother Carter
Brother Neville
Little David
Brother Roberts
11) How fast was the car going that hit the little boys in Finland?
25 mph
50 mph
15 mph
60 mph
12) How long had it been from the time that Brother Branham first saw the vision about the dead boy until the time the vision came to pass?
Almost two years
About four years
Ten years on the same day
Just about two months
13) What was wrong with the little Finnish girl that Brother Branham met on the street before a meeting?
She was paralyzed and in a wheelchair
She was crippled
She had cancer
She had diabetes
14) What did the Finnish girl do when she walked up to Brother Branham when they met out in the street ?
She asked him to pray for her
She fell down and grabbed his legs
She asked for some money for her family
She kissed his coat pocket
15) What does the word, “Kiitos” mean?
Excuse me
Thank you
16) What type of haircut did Brother Branham say the boy from Finland had?
A bowl haircut
A buzz haircut
A little flat top haircut
A little crock haircut
17) What kind of car hit the two little boys in Finland?
Fifty-five Chevy Pickup
Thirty-five Ford
Twenty-Five Model T Ford
Sixty-five Volkswagen
18) How did the crippled girl that was healed become an orphan?
Her parents couldn't afford to take care of her
Her parents were killed in a war
Her parents left her
Her parents died of disease
19) At the end of the prayer line in Finland, Brother Branham said, "Lets call ____ more peoples."
20) In this Message, while Brother Branham is waiting for the prayer line to get ready, He reads a Scripture where Jesus says to his disciples, "Do you now believe?" What book of the Bible does Brother Branham read the Scripture from?
Saint Luke
Saint Mark
Saint Matthew
Saint John