The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 56-0408A What Is A Vision? will be available until Wednesday, March 7, 2012

1) What are the first two of the nine spiritual gifts operating in every local body?
First, apostles; secondarily, teachers
First, prophets; secondarily, apostles
First, teachers; secondarily, prophets
First, apostles; secondarily, prophets
2) Whose ministry did Brother Branham say had a greater impact in America than his own?
A.A Allen
Brother Bosworth
T.L. Osborn
Oral Roberts
3) When a patient on the platform was operating that Divine gift, Brother Branham had nothing to do with it. He just kept _______ his spirit to the Holy Spirit until It showed him their life.
4) How did Jesus know the woman with the blood issue when she touched Him?
He saw just above her what happened and what was wrong with her
One of His disciples told Him about her
The people brought her to Him and she told Him her condition
He had seen a vision about her the day before
5) It has to be just exactly to the moment and the time and everything positionally the same, or it won't happen. It has to be perfectly materialized. What are these statements referring to?
Divine healing
A vision
A dream
Tongues and interpretations
6) When Brother Branham would see a vision and get weak, it was ______ using the Gift. When he would not get weak from a vision, it was _____ using the Gift.
God, the people
Brother Branham, God
The people, God
The people, Brother Branham
7) Someone who sees visions is Divine.
8) What did Brother Branham promise God about his ministry when he first became a servant of the Lord to pray for God's sick children?
That he wouldn't take the people's money
That he would take his ministry overseas
That he would go to the different denominations and call out the lost sheep
That he would keep the visions a secret
9) How long did the Lord bless Brother Branham, until in California it looked like his ministry began to drop down?
Twenty years
Nine years
Thirty years
Twelve years
10) What state did Brother Branham's mother come from?
11) While Brother Branham spoke to his wife one morning about calling the Public Service Company, he saw something moving down from the ceiling. What did he see?
Apples hanging in mid air
A Mexican baby smiling at him
Two little dark faced children pulling a little wagon
People running to him from everywhere
12) Brother Branham had a vision where someone dismissed his meeting. What was the weather doing when something said to him "By this you’ll know?"
It was snowing
There was a hail storm
It was blistering hot
It was sprinkling rain
13) What was Brother Branham doing when someone said behind him, "Don't you understand that you can't teach babies supernatural things?"
He was trying to lace a little baby's shoe
He was preaching to a group of ministers
He was trying to bait a hook
He was trying to teach his son how to shoot a rifle
14) Who did the fishermen that were all around the lake turn out to be?
Lost souls
15) The first pull was when Brother Branham would tell the people the secrets of the heart.
16) About how big was the little square building that the Angel of the Lord told Brother Branham, "I'll meet you in there?"
Twenty foot long and fifty foot wide
One hundred foot long and twenty foot across
Twelve foot across and Twenty foot long
Twelve foot across and Twelve foot long
17) Who was already in Phoenix praying for the sick when Brother Branham said he wouldn't go, because that wouldn't be brotherly?
Brother Jack Coe
Brother Allen
Brother Oral Roberts
Brother T. L. Osborn
18) What happened to the meeting in Mexico that Brother Branham was supposed to hold in the big bull ring?
Someone dismissed the meeting, and they never could find out who did it
The bull ring was booked for a rodeo, and the meetings were canceled
Another church held a meeting at the same time to lure the people away
It got so hot they had to cancel the meeting
19) What happens when you try to explain supernatural things?
The people always disbelieve
It causes carnal comparison to rise
It gets to confusing
Nothing, it should be explained
20) "And just remember that when _______ rises, the Church it comes to its very height then."