60-1211M The Ten Virgins, And The Hundred And Forty-Four Thousand Jews

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Saturday, June 24, 2023

Who were the hundred and forty-four thousand?
The wise virgin
The Jews
The sleeping virgin
The dragon
If you reckon yourself dead and your life is hid in Christ and sealed away by the Holy Ghost, the devil couldn’t find you if he had to.
In Revelation the 11th chapter, who returns again to preach to the Jews?
Elijah and Moses
Noah and Enoch
Gabriel and Michael
None of the Above
One of these days, the Message will go to Israel.
Cain built an altar, made a sacrifice, worshipped and did everything that Abel did without _______.
Giving his best
Being sincere
The revelation of God
All of the Above
When He was _______ back there to be the Lamb to be slain, we were _______ to be the one that He was slain for.
Born / Chosen
Elected / Elected
Chosen / Created
Elected / Born
When Brother Branham reads the Scripture “and his number is Six hundred threescore and six,” who does he say that is?
The hierarchy of Rome: pope
The president of the United States
The King of England
The Soviet Union
What is the Seal of God?
Being baptized
The Holy Ghost
Your confession
Good works
All that did not have the Seal of God, were the ones that rejected It. How did they reject It?
By not going to church
By living bad lives
By refusing to hear It
None of the Above
“I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches.”
Revelation 22:16
Revelation 10:7
Revelation 3:14
Revelation 22:1