62-0621b The Path Of Life

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Tuesday, February 28, 2017

“And I believe that someday the—the _______ church will take the message to the _______, as the _______ gave it to the _______.”
Jew / Gentiles / Gentiles / Jew
Jew / Jews / Gentiles / Gentiles
Gentile / Jew / Jew / Gentiles
Bride / Gentiles / Jews / Bride
Who had Brother Branham’s six-hour tape on the "Seed Word" and was breaking it down and bringing it into his language.
A Jew from the sacred city
A Greek from the old country
A native American Indian
An Armenian brother
Brother Branham said, “But my purpose is to try to help the _______, try to strengthen your _______, and strengthen _______ among men, as we’re waiting for the coming of the Lord.”
Kingdom of God / Churches / Brotherhood
Churches / Organization / Unity
Nation / Democracy / Safety
Laity / Numbers / Proselyting
What happens as soon as churches draw that denomination line and say, “We are it?”
They die
They never revive again
God leaves them
All of the above
We shouldn’t have to take criticism for God to correct us and make us see our bad points.
Satan can heal.
Who did Brother Branham take along with him to the Lutheran College to help if they used some grammar he didn’t understand?
Brother Jack Moore
Dr. Here
Brother Billy Paul
Brother Neville
Fill in the blanks where Brother Branham is comparing the churches to the life of the corn. “Now, the first was you _______; the second was the _______ move of God; and the third, the ear, was the _______ group that brought back a restoration of the gifts to the church, of the original grain that went into the ground.”
Pentecostal / Methodist / Lutheran
Lutheran / Pentecostal / Methodist
Methodist / Lutheran / Pentecostal
Lutheran / Methodist / Pentecostal
What did Brother Branham use as an example of selling, to show us that we have to approach the people with it right?
“If it's the right kind of a product, it'll ­­­­_______ itself.”
Where in the Scripture does Brother Branham read?
Isaiah the 53rd chapter
Proverbs 4
The 19th Psalm
The 16th Psalm
Life is the greatest thing that anyone can achieve.
Of all the people that the little boy asked ‘can anyone see God?’ which person could tell him that they’ve seen God?
His Sunday school teacher
The old fisherman
His pastor
His mother
For which of the following does Brother Branham speak of God having a funeral procession?
A flower
A leaf
The sun
The grass
“A man might look like a Christian, impersonate a Christian, or walk like a Christian, or so forth. But unless that _______ of life is there, he cannot rise again.”
The Bible said, ‘_______ in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.’
Where is one of the places Brother Branham speaks of a picture of the Angel of the Lord being taken?
When Brother Branham went squirrel hunting, he would aim for the _______ and only shoot at _______.
Heart / Forty yards
Head / Fifty yards
Body / Twenty-five yards
Eye / Fifty yards
What phrase did Brother David, the Greek brother, ask Brother Branham about that he couldn’t find what it was?
There in that sassafras hollow
A hair in the biscuit
Barking up the wrong tree
A good load of buckshot
What example did Brother Branham use to show God to the old farmer?
A flower
A squirrel
An apple tree
The sunset