55-1004 Come, Let Us Reason Together

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Thursday, October 20, 2011

What is the name of the magazine that Brother Branham started and gave up?
"The Herald Of Faith"
"Full Gospel Business Men"
"The Voice of Healing"
"Look" magazine
What was it that some of Brother Branham's close associates couldn't understand happening on the platform?
The need for so much discernment to take place
People getting healed on the platform but coming down with the same sickness later
Brother Branham getting weak
Brother Branham calling out people in the congregation while he was on the platform
God gave Jesus His Spirit by measure.
How did the women that touched Jesus, draw dividends from Him?
With her faith in Jesus being the Gift of God
Her faith operated God's gift in Jesus Christ
She drawed from Jesus, the very desire of her heart, because she believed that He was the Emmanuel
All of the above
Brother Branham said, "I was borned at the time that gift was _______ given to me. But I couldn't do one thing with that gift, unless you believed it."
It's the people using God's gift, not Brother Branham using it, which makes him weak on the platform.
God can use His own gift without Brother Branham getting weak. What example does Brother Branham give us of this taking place?
The time Brother Branham spoke the squirrels into existence
When Brother Branham prayed for Brother Way
When God healed congressmen Upshaw
When the little boy raised up in Finland
Which of the following is NOT something the Spirit of God speaks of?
Jesus Christ the Son of God
The second coming of Christ
Divine healing
Interceding with the dead
He was a young fellow, probably in his early forties, and he was a major prophet, one of the greatest in the Bible. He was a prophet of grace. Who is Brother Branham speaking of?
How many books are in the Bible? It's the same as the number of chapters in the book of Isaiah.
Every time you open the Bible, you see a ______, God revealing Himself.
There was a Man standing over against the wall of Jericho. Joshua pulled his sword, and run to meet Him. And the Man pulled His sword and come to meet Joshua. Joshua raised his hand, said, "Are You for us, or are You of our enemies?" Who was this Man?
The Captain of the host of the Lord
The Pillar of Fire made flesh
He was a pre-figure of the Lord Jesus Christ
All of the above
How did Brother Branham find out that Billy Paul had been smoking cigarettes?
He saw a vision
Sister Meda told him
Billy Paul told him about it and asked for help
He smelled smoke on Billy's clothes
The Lord showed Brother Branham that Billy had disobeyed him, and had jumped through a window, and was going laughing, head over heels, down on through eternity, turning over and over. Brother Branham didn't tell Billy Paul about this.
When Billy Paul got a sore throat and went to Dr. Sam Adair, what did the doctor give him that almost killed him?
The Salk vaccine
An antibiotic
A Diphtheria shot
When Brother Branham went to Billy Paul in the hospital, he saw a vision like he had seen a couple nights before. What else did he see in the vision?
Billy Paul fishing down by the river again, showing that he would be healed
He seen two big arms come out and catch him and start bearing him back up
He saw Billy Paul getting another shot that made him recover
A pack of cigarettes being thrown into a trash can
If neither medicine nor prayer for the sick are fanaticism, what did Brother Branham say it was?
It's the doctors spreading false rumors
People just don't understand because they're uneducated
It's the people who can't reason things out
The people are just scared to trust in prayer for the sick
"And our dear _______ people is most unreasonable people on them things, I ever seen in all nations in the world. That's right. Very unreasonable, they won't want to listen. They won't set down and think it out."
"He's the Stimulator of Life; He's the Giver of Life. He don't need to give you vitamins; He is the vitamin, Vitamin _____, the best I know of, only one I care for."
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
When Jesus met Cleopas and his friends going down to Emmaus, what time of day did Jesus do something like He used to do?
Early in the morning
Evening time
Late at night