The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 62-0621e Confirmation And Evidence will be available until Tuesday, February 28, 2017

1) What did Brother Branham have the opportunity to do that he never did before?
Convert a Jew
Speak in a Muslim temple
Speak in a Jewish synagogue
Meet the president
2) Brother Branham said: “There was a colored sister who was in one of the conventions, and she said, “Well,” she says, “I wants to give a testimony to the glory of God.” She said, “I—I am not what I _______ to be.” And said, “I’m not what _______ to be. But then again, I know I’m not what _______ to be.” So I thought that was very good.”
Think / Speak / Look
Ought / Want / Used
Used / Ought / Want
Appear / Think / Want
3) Brother Branham said: “And that’s tried to be a practice of mine, to enter in every afternoon at _______, and then talk no more until I enter the pulpit that night.”
Five o’clock
Three o’clock
Two o’clock
One o’clock
4) Where does Brother Branham read from for a Scripture reading?
Acts 25:12
Daniel 9:1-5
Hebrews 6:13
Mark 4:11
5) “Remember, that we mustn’t never come to church to play religious. We mustn’t come to just put on a religious act to go to church. We must come to worship in _______ and in _______.”
Joy / Peace
Word / Deed
Reverence / Respect
Spirit / Truth
6) What is greater to God than His Own Blood?
The purchase of His Blood
The tree that He hung on
The blood of His saints
The blood of those who killed Him
7) Fill in the blank to the Scripture reading: “That by two _______ things, in which it was impossible for God to lie, we might have a strong consolation, who have fled for refuge to lay hold upon the hope set before us:”
8) The evidence of the confirmation gives us the _______ of what we are looking for.
9) What is the purchasing power that buys the loaf of bread? You can be just as happy with this as you could be with the loaf of bread.
The oven
The twenty-five cents
The grocery store
The baker
10) If you have this, “You can be just as happy setting in the wheelchair, as if you were out there on the street jumping up and down, shouting and run—running around, praising God, because you’ve already got the evidence. It’s already yours.”
11) “The initial way of having faith is by _______ the written Word of God.”
Acting on
12) No one could ever have the kind of faith to walk like Enoch did, who took an afternoon stroll and went home with God.
13) “God told Abraham here, give him a promise, and then God confirmed this promise to him, give him an evidence by taking an oath before him. And the immutable thing is that God cannot _______. And not only that, when He promised him, then beyond that He _______ to it: God taking an oath to Himself.
Correct / Paid no attention
Lie / Swore
Ignore / Heeded
Disregard / Catered
14) Who is the Seed of Abraham?
15) The decision that God makes the first time can never remain the same.
16) What was the token that God gave Abraham that He would keep His Word?
The bread and wine from Melchisedec
A burnt offering
Baptism in His Name
17) When Joshua crossed Jordon to spy out the land, what evidence did he find that the land was good and God had kept His promise?
Milk and honey
A bunch of grapes
A stream of flowing water
The land was free of enemies
18) What was the Kadesh-barnea that Jesus came to?
The Mount of Olives
The garden of Gethsemane
19) Brother Branham was about to make an altar call, but the Holy Spirit stopped him because He had not give the confirmation of His _______ yet.
20) After making an altar call Brother Branham said: “Just a moment. A rebuke of the Holy Spirit: when some _______ hands or better went up a few moments ago, and when I made the altar call, about _______ went out the door, going the other way, and a little boy, _______ of them, has come and knelt down here by the side. Talk about a Sodom and Gomorrah, talk about a day of judgment at hand, when God in His mercy, showing everything that He can do, and people so Gospel-hardened till they walk right out in the face of the Holy Ghost.”
Three hundred / Two hundred / Three
Thirty / Twenty / Five
Fifty / Hundred / Two
Two hundred / Three hundred / Two