55-1007 The Power Of Decision

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Sunday, November 11, 2012

Where was this service held?
Life Tabernacle
Lane Tech High School
Branham Tabernacle
Milltown Baptist Church
Why would Brother Branham not eat before going to a meeting?
He would often be in prayer and would not have time to eat
So that the blood would not be in the stomach, but at the brain
He would sometimes get sick in the meetings if he ate
Food would make him tired
Man wasn't on this earth till _______ years ago when God made the first man Adam and Eve.
One million
Ten thousand
Six thousand
Twenty-five million
When Brother Branham was in a motel room one time, who did he hear talking in some other language?
His son Billy Paul
His driver
The person in the room next to his
What happened when the Holy Ghost made intercession for the woman that was dying on the side of the road?
She jumped up and ran back and forth down the road
She went home to be with the Lord
Brother Branham stopped his car and prayed for her
An ambulance came and rushed her to Brother Branham's meeting, and she was completely healed
Where in the Bible does Brother Branham read?
Joshua 6:2
Numbers 13:30
Exodus 7:1
Samuel 3:13
In the Scripture reading, who said "Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it?"
Which of the following are the three principal powers that Brother Branham spoke of in this message?
The power of love, the power of doubt, and the power of God
The power of faith, the power of doubt, and the power of love
The power of Satan, the power of death, and the power of faith
The power of Satan, the power of faith, and the power of God
"God gives you love first, offers it to you. But if you spurn it, there's nothing left but _______."
Aaron's rod was put under the Shekinah Glory where it budded, blossomed, and grew. What type of tree was his rod made of?
A cherry tree
An almond tree
An apple tree
A fig tree
You only live in a _____ room house.
You eat in the living room, commune in the bedroom, and rest in the kitchen.
What does the word Pharisee mean?
Priest before God
Reader of the Scripture
An actor
An old prophet kind of got his righteous indignation stirred up one time. Do you know what he did before the Spirit come on him?
He had to go pray all night
He had to sacrifice offerings to the Lord
He had to go sing some good spiritual songs
He went and told everyone about it
What is a beautiful type of when God rained down manna out of heaven?
Judgment being poured out
Christ coming down from heaven to die on earth
Forgiveness coming from the Presence of God
The fall in the beginning
What did the prophet throw into the pot of pottage and say, "Eat, there's life in the pot?"
A handful of meal
A cluster of wild oats
A handful of grass
Please fill in the blank: "I can see the lurking _______, all around the purple haze...."
Brother Branham was watching these through his binoculars. It looked like they were having an old time Holy Ghost meeting.
Little eagles
Bear cubs
Baby wolves
Brother Branham told the first sister that he laid hands on in the prayer line to come and testify to _______ the following night?
Brother Billy Paul
Brother Boze
Brother Baxter
When Brother Branham started the prayer line during this meeting, what did he say he was doing for the first time in a long time?
He only wanted to call on the out-of-town people
He was going to try having discernment for every person
He was going to try to pray for the sick without seeing the discernment
He was not going to give out prayer cards