The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 55-0120 The Seven Compound Names Of Jehovah will be available until Friday, June 7, 2013

1) A meeting that produced twenty "deep convictions conversions" in America would have produced around five thousand, maybe twenty thousand, thirty thousand in ________.
South Africa
South America
All of the above
2) Where in the Bible did Brother Branham read about Abraham telling Isaac that God will provide a lamb for the burnt offering?
Genesis 22:7
Psalms 64
Exodus 3:5
Genesis 15:2
3) What does the name Jehovah-shammah mean?
"Our Banner"
"The Lord, the Healer"
"Our Peace"
"Jehovah is present"
4) When God appeared to Abraham, what was the first name He appeared to him in?
5) Brother Branham believed that the second coming of the Lord Jesus is past due.
6) What kind of blindness did Elijah smite the Syrians with?
Physical blindness
Emotional blindness
Spiritual blindness
Mental blindness
7) What other example does Brother Branham give from the Bible of smiting the people blind?
The angels that went to Sodom and smote the people blind
Jesus walking with the disciples on the road to Emmaus
Blind Bartimaeus
The blind leper that was healed
8) When Brother Branham and his wife got married, where did they go for a vacation and honeymoon together?
On a fishing trip in Mishawaka
Down to Georgia for a meeting
To California to see the redwoods
To the mountains on a hunting trip
9) Who did Brother Branham say was the best hunter that ever lived in the Southlands?
His grandfather
His dad
Bert Call
10) What mountain was Brother Branham about twenty-five miles up on top of with his wife and son Billy Paul?
Branham Peaks
Sunset Mountain
White Mountain
Hurricane Mountain
11) What was the first animal Brother Branham mentioned seeing when he went out with his rifle?
A bear
A deer
A lion
A skunk
12) While Brother Branham was out hunting, what did he keep whiffing?
A bear
A storm
A snake
13) After Brother Branham shot his game, he took up the canyon just as hard as he could go, hurrying because there was a storm getting close. After he walked and walked and walked, he came back to the same spot. What do the Indians call it when that happens?
The death hunt
The insanity walk
The death walk
The ghost walk
14) When Brother Branham realized he was lost, what did he think about that caused him to begin to get real frantic, shaky and nervous?
The thought of his wife and little boy alone in the woods
He was afraid that the lion would attack him
He saw a great big bear
He was afraid he would never find his way out
15) Brother Branham said "Oh, if I could only see _______ I would know which way to go."
Hurricane Mountain
That stream
The moon
16) Who was speaking to Brother Branham as he was walking and heard, "The Lord is our refuge and strength, a very present help in the time of trouble."?
An angel
The ranger
He was talking to himself
17) What caused Brother Branham to stop from going the direction he was going, which would have led him into Canada, and allowed him to see Hurricane Mountain when the fog cleared?
He heard a noise to his right
He felt somebody lay their hand on his shoulder
Someone called his name through the fog
He saw the light from the rangers tower
18) When Brother Branham set his course toward Hurricane Mountain, why did he walk with his hands up?
He was so happy and praising the Lord that he didn't want to lower his hands
He was trying to keep from bumping his head on any trees or brush
He was feeling for the telephone wire that would lead him to his family
He was trying to appear big so animals would be afraid of him
19) What Scripture is Brother Branham quoting when he said, "I'm the Lord that healeth all of thy diseases."
John 5:19
Psalms 103:3
I Peter 1:2
James 1:9
20) Before Brother Branham starts the prayer line, what does he take under his control "in the Name of Jesus Christ the Son of God, for the glory of God the Father and for the representation of His Son, Jesus."?
Every sickness
Every believer
Every spirit
Every person