The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 64-0125 Turn On The Light will be available until Sunday, November 11, 2012

1) Why did Brother Branham say that he kept the people for two and three hours?
He was well educated and had a lot to say
To make up for all the time while he was away
He was uneducated and could only speak by inspiration
The people were uneducated and it took them a long time to understand
2) Who said "The ax is laid to the root of the tree?"
John the Baptist
3) Which two books did Brother Branham read from in the Bible?
Joel and Isaiah
Isaiah and Matthew
Matthew and Joel
Malachi and John
4) "The sun that we now are enjoying is the manifestation of God's Word spoken in Genesis."
5) "Our bodies were here on the earth before there was any light or any life here."
6) What is God's Light of the day?
His people
His Son
The sun
7) What happens if you keep looking back through the rear-view mirror?
You learn from the past
You miss your stop
Everything is backwards
You’ll wreck
8) What is a glare?
A false light
A reminder of the truth
A reflection of a true light
A confusion
9) Why did John say, "Now I must decrease, my light must go out?"
He was too old to continue to shine
He had sinned
He had served his time that was prophesied of him
Because he was soon going to die
10) The very God that the Jews thought they were worshipping, they were crucifying.
11) "One of these days something is going to happen, it's going to be too late. The people will take on ______, not even knowing what they're doing."
The Holy Spirit
Church membership
The mark of the beast
12) Which one of the following Scriptures was Brother Branham quoting when he said, “All the caterpillar left, the palmerworm eaten; all the palmerworm left, the locust eaten?”
Isaiah 21:1
Joel 2:28
Amos 3:7
John 5:15
13) Fill in the blank. "What about you as an individual today? For, ____________ won’t do for __________. It was alright yesterday."
Yesterday's, Yesterday
Today's, today
Tomorrow's, Yesterday
Yesterday’s, today
14) Where is the last place a tree will ever bear fruit?
Right in the top of it
Way down at the bottom of it
Right in the middle of it
On the branches closest to its roots
15) Jesus was not the Tree of Life that was in the Garden of Eden.
16) The queen of England went to see a paper company that made such fine paper. What did she find out that the paper was made of?
Recycled newspaper
17) Some men were looking for the building that the Welsh revival was held in. What did they find?
A little log cabin on the edge on town
A large tent at the fair grounds
A happy little officer standing on the corner
A sweet little boy sitting on the sidewalk
18) Brother Branham tells a story of a mechanic who was working on a car. Who helped him get the car started?
The chief engineer
A little boy
The customer
A happy little officer
19) What happened to the little girl in the cave?
She got trapped for days
She was scared of the dark
She turned on the light
Her brother turned on the light
20) "The greatest robbery that was ever done to the church of Jesus Christ, is done by ________ ...."
False light
True light