52-0817a Expectancy

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Monday, January 7, 2008

In what city was this meeting held?
Beaverton, MI
Battle Creek, MI
Springfield, MO
Boston, MA
What brother felt led to go on ahead to South Africa?
Brother Baxter
Brother Kopp
Brother Bosworth
Brother Jackson
Where did Brother Branham say he was to return to according to a vision?
Jeffersonville, IN
Tucson, AZ
Mexico City, Mexico
Durban, South Africa
What miracle took place shortly after the service started?
A blind boy was healed
A women was healed of stomach trouble
A crippled girl was healed
A deaf child was healed
Where in the Bible does Brother Branham take his text from?
Luke 2:25
Matthew 2:13
John 4:10
Mark 2:25
What was the name of the girl that was healed in St. Louis?
Elizabeth Franklin
Jessica Waters
Linda Thatcher
Betty Daugherty
How much money did the congregation take up so that Brother Branham could go down to St. Louis to pray for the girl?
5 dollars
15 dollars
11 dollars
8 dollars
Where was Brother Branham when he had the vision about the Betty Daugherty case?
In the house
On a train
In downtown St. Louis
In a car
What did Brother Branham tell Mrs. Daugherty she would find in the bottom drawer in her kitchen?
A red towel
A large white pail
A little pan
A small glass bowl
While Brother Branham prayed for her daughter, what did he tell Mrs. Daugherty to do?
Soak her feet in water
Sing Only Believe
Wipe her face, hands, and feet with a rag
Leave the room and pray
After Betty Daugherty was healed, what did she tell Brother Branham she wanted?
A milk shake
A glass of water
Some candy
A soda pop
What was the name of the newspaper in Arkansas that Brother Branham mentions?
The Arkansas Post
The Arkansas Sun
The Arkansas Journal
The Arkansas Gazette
When Brother Branham was in Jonesboro, Arkansas who did he pray for when he went to an ambulance?
A blind boy
A sick little girl
A farmer's wife
A crippled boy
What did the farmer sell to pay for the ambulance ride to Jonesboro so that Brother Branham could pray for his wife?
Corn and squash
Strawberries and blueberries
Syrup and honey
Quilts and blackberries
When Brother Branham was trying to get thru the crowd of people he bumped into an Arkansas'er. What was the man doing?
When Brother Branham was trying to get back into the building he saw a girl pushing through the crowd. Who was the girl calling for?
Her daddy
Her mamma
Her doctor
Brother Branham
What was wrong with the girl?
She was deaf
She was blind
She had Polio
She had a brain tumor
Who did Brother Branham say helped bear the cross for Jesus?
Simon the Greek
Simon the Samarian
Simon the Ethiopian
Simon the Israelite
From where did Brother Branham get his brown suit that he ironed patches on?
He got it from the thrift store
Out of a garbage can
Someone he prayed for gave it to him
His brother gave it to him
What did the Holy Ghost promise Simeon?
You're going to live one hundred and fifty years
You're not going to see death till you see the Christ
You will live to see the crucifixion
You shall have a son