The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 52-0713A Early Spiritual Experiences will be available until Monday, June 7, 2010

1) "Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations."
2) You receive the Holy Ghost when you believe.
3) Brother Branham said he had talked face to face with demons.
4) Who went home and prayed for several days after seeing what happened with the Manic in Portland that challenged Brother Branham?
Oral Roberts
Tommy Osborn
Raymond Richey
F.F. Bosworth
5) Brother Branham referred to Brother Bosworth as what?
An old-time believer
A weathered minister of the Gospel
A fine-tuned machine
An old oak tree
6) When Brother Branham was born, he was just a little bitty fellow weighing _____ pounds.
7) How old was Brother Branham when a Voice first spoke to him while he was listening to a bird?
Three years old
Seven years old
Five years old
Seventeen years old
8) Before Brother Branham was a Christian, the gift of seeing visions was there just the same.
9) What promise did Brother Branham make to his first wife when she was dying?
That he would continue to serve the Lord no matter what
That he would let her mother raise little Billy Paul
That he wouldn't live single
That he would build the church he always dreamed of
10) What did an astrologist once tell Brother Branham?
You were born for the west
You were borned under a sign
You was born on April the 6th at five o'clock in the morning in 1909
All of the above
11) Before Brother Branham went to Green's Mill, he told Sister Meda, "I'm going to have a _______ with God."
12) When the papers packed, "Mystic light appears over local Baptist pastor....", what had Brother Branham been doing at the time of the occurrence?
Speaking in Houston, Texas
Baptizing on the river
Fasting and praying in his cave at Green's Mill
Preaching at his local tabernacle
13) When Brother Branham was challenged to an open debate, who did he allow to take the challenge on his behalf?
Brother Bosworth
Brother Richey
His brother Howard
Brother Baxter
14) What was the one thing that all the Full Gospel people believed in?
The Serpent Seed
The Revelation of the Seven Seals
Speaking in tongues
Divine healing
15) What did Brother Branham pray that God would do as a sign for him to go to Africa?
Heal King George of England
Have Brother Bosworth say he would go with him
Heal Miss Nightingale
That his trip would be paid in full
16) What did a Dutch minister discover on his shirt after praying for his friend under a peach tree?
A dove
The scorched print of an Angel's hand
Handwriting from an Angel
A picture of Brother Branham
17) The Medical Association in South Africa told Brother Branham that he had done more for the people in South Africa than half the missionaries that came over there in _______ years.
18) When God gave Brother Branham permission to go with the ministers in Africa, He said "...but remember, _____ pay for it."
Those ministers
Billy will
The African people
19) What was Brother Branham told by the One who visited him when he fell into a trance?
Your sins are forgiven
Your future is clear
Your ministry will change
Do not look back
20) When the Holy Spirit came to Brother Branham and showed him the vision of the Durban meeting, how many did He say would be in that meeting?
Ten thousand
Fifty thousand
Five hundred thousand
Three hundred thousand