The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 64-0620B Who Is Jesus? will be available until Friday, June 6, 2014

1) How did Brother Branham get acquainted with the Shakarians?
By a phone call he received on a pay phone
Through a telegram he found in a pile on his desk
He ran in to Brother Shakarian on the street
Through his wife
2) When Brother Branham knelt to pray for Sister Shakarian, what did the Angel of the Lord say when He came down to the bed?
"In three days she'll be up"
"She has got to die"
"It’ll be a long recovery, but she shall live"
"Say what you will, and it shall be"
3) When Brother Branham was a boy out west at a rodeo, and thought he was a rider, what was the name of the first horse that was to be rode that afternoon, in competition?
Bucking Bronco
Kansas Outlaw
Oklahoma Slinger
Arizona Bandit
4) He wasn't even God, at the beginning.
5) What can you find laying on the street in Kimberley, Africa, but you daresn't to keep one unless it's cut?
6) Where does Brother Branham read for a text from the Scripture?
Saint Luke 19:1
Saint John 7:11
Saint Mark 3:5
Saint Matthew 2:7
7) Where does the scene open for Brother Branham’s text?
Garden of Eden
8) Zacchaeus believed that Jesus was a prophet, but not Rebekah, his wife.
9) "You see, when you go to praying for somebody, something goes to taking place. There is where we fail, friends, not praying. Prayer is the _______."
10) Ask ________, that your joys may be full. Ask and believe that you receive what you've asked for."
11) Zacchaeus went down to where _______ Avenue crosses _______ Street to find Jesus.
Amen / Hallelujah
Hallelujah / Glory
Glory / Jubilee
Hallelujah / Amen
12) The ______ hadn't been by yet the morning Zacchaeus needed something to stand on, and the garbage can was pretty heavy, so he couldn't lift it.
Garbage disposal
Trash Buggy
13) How many knows what's "shinny up the tree"?
To climb up a tree
To cut down a tree
To make a tree shiny
To put decorations on a tree
14) What kind of softened Zacchaeus up a little bit?
A sick child that was dying with a fever was healed
His wife, Rebekah, was healed of a tumor on her side
When Jesus called him from the tree
He saw blind Bartimaeus receive his sight
15) There is something another, when you ever see Him, you are changed. You can't be the same no more.
16) Zacchaeus said, "Lord, if I've took anything through false acquisition, I'll restore it back ________."
A hundredfold
A thousand fold
17) What kind of meeting was this?
Sunrise service
Evening prayer meeting
18) During his final prayer Brother Branham said, "And I look this morning at ministers sitting here, gray-headed, that was preaching when I was a boy. I think they only cut the stumps out, blasted up the roads, and made it smooth-running." What did they do this for?
For the gifts that they prophesied that would come
For their sons to follow in their footsteps
So that other ministers could travel the roads easier
To build more churches along the way
19) What was the ending song that Brother Branham sang?
Only Believe
I’ve Anchored My Soul, In A Haven Of Rest
I Love Him
Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross
20) Do you know whatever happened to Zacchaeus?
He sold his restaurant and became a fisher of men
He became a disciple and converted the entire city of Jericho
He became the high priest for the Pharisees
He became a member of the Full Gospel Business Men of Jericho