59-0329S Living, Dying, Buried, Rising, Coming

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Saturday, April 7, 2012

Where did Brother Branham read from in the Scripture?
Psalms 22
Matthew 16:18
Luke 24:51
Isaiah 9:6
_____, He loved me. _____, He saved me. _____, He carried my sins far away. _____, He justified freely forever. Someday He's _____, oh, glorious day!
Coming, Living, Dying, Buried, Rising
Living, Dying, Buried, Rising, Coming
Living, Dying, Rising, Buried, Coming
Dying, Buried, Rising, Living, Coming
"God is love, and they that love are _______ of God."
_______ being love, then _______ was the full expression of love.
Jesus, God
Jesus, the Church
Jesus, the Christian
God the Father, Jesus
What is the only way that God can be expressed to the people?
Through suffering
Through a prophet
Through love
Through the Bible
No man could ever love like Jesus; and no man was ever hated like Jesus.
God being a Spirit could not die.
God came not only to be _______ of earth, but He came to die as a _______.
King, beggar
Judge, criminal
Known, nobody
Seen, Sacrifice
_______ expressed Calvary when he offered a little lamb as a sacrifice.
It's said that when they pierced the side of Jesus, there came forth ________.
Water and healing
Blood and water
Vinegar and blood
None of the above
What did Jesus die of?
A broken heart
The Roman spear that pierced His side
The nails in His hands and feet
The thorny crown they placed on His head
Who cried 800 years before it happened, “My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?”
What separated in Jesus’ body when He was dying?
Blood, water and the chemicals of His body
His Body and His Spirit
His conscience, memory, love, and reasoning
His bones and His joints
When did sin die?
When Jesus was born
When Jesus was baptized
When Jesus screamed at the cross, "It’s finished"
When Jesus rose from the dead
The opening _____ revealed the way to Heaven’s joy and endless day.
"The body, the sin offering must be _______."
Displayed openly
Filled with the Spirit
What kind of animal took the sins of the people and went far into the wilderness to bear their sins?
A donkey
A lamb
A dove
A scapegoat
What was God’s receipt that the bill’s been paid, that His laws have been met?
When Jesus died on the cross
When He rose Jesus up from the dead on Easter morning
After 40 days when gravitation lost it’s hold
When the Spirit descended on Jesus like a dove
What is Easter?
A time to celebrate by wearing new hats and new clothes
It’s about hunting Easter rabbits or bunny eggs, and little white chickens
Easter is a Triumph
All of the above
What song does Brother Branham sing before he prays for the ones that raised their hands?
"When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder"
"Only Believe"
"Just As I am"
"I Surrender All"