The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 61-0730M Gabriels Instructions To Daniel will be available until Thursday, November 7, 2013

1) Where in the Bible did Brother Branham read along with the congregation?
Psalms 99
Daniel 24
Jeremiah 9
Revelation 19
2) "The church age and all that will happen during the Gentile reign is recorded from Revelation _____ to Revelation _____, inclusive."
Thirteen / Nineteen
One / Three
Five / Eight
Nine / Twelve
3) Jesus redeemed Israel at Calvary.
4) Jesus had four titles in the Gospel. The last of the four titles is "Son of God," which means _______.
Heir to the throne
Heir to the seas
Heir of the earth
Heir to all things
5) There are five sevens: Seven Seals, Seven _______, seven angels, Seven _______, and seven church ages.
Plagues / Beast
Spirits / Trumpets
Days / Years
End signs / False prophets
6) Which chapter in the book of Daniel does Brother Branham start in?
7) What did Daniel call Gabriel in the Scripture reading?
"The man"
"The Angel"
"The messenger"
"The spirit"
8) Which of the Scriptures below did Brother Branham say is connected with the seventy of weeks; "therefore we must stop and explain before we go further?"
Genesis 1 to Revelation 22
Revelation 1:1 to Revelation 3:22
Revelation 6:1 to Revelation 19:21
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
9) How long had Daniel been in Babylon when the vision came to him?
Seventy years
Sixty-eight years
Forty years
Thirty-three years
10) How did Daniel understand that his people were to be in Babylon for seventy years?
By the prophet Isaiah
By King Darius
By Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
By books
11) Who did the Lord tell "Take the wine cup of the fury of my hand, and cause all the nations, to whom I will send thee, to drink of it."?
12) Daniel read the same words out of the Bible that Brother Branham read the morning of this message.
13) What did Daniel do when he saw that the seventy years would be accomplished and they were nearing the end?
He warned the king
He set himself in order to pray
He told Israel to prepare for battle
He departed to Egypt
14) When Gabriel appeared to Daniel, he told what was determined for the Jewish race all the way to the _______.
Rebuilding of Jerusalem
Destruction of Babylon
Council of Nicaea
15) In what Scripture does Jesus speak of the abomination that maketh desolations?
Revelation 3:12
Matthew 24:15
John 12:7
Acts 1:8
16) What is God’s calendar?
The Jews
The Bride
17) When does God deal only with the Jews?
When they are in bondage
When they are in their homeland
When they are scattered aboard through out the world
During the time of war
18) Before the Gentile dispensation, the Jews will return back into Jerusalem to re-establish the temple and temple worship.
19) "The very hour, by the Pan American chart, that Israel was declared a nation for the first time for two thousand years since they'd been scattered, not a people, it was that very same hour, exactly to the hour, that the Angel of the Lord met me up yonder and sent me to the--with the Gospel--the very same thing:" When did this happen?
May the 7th, 1946
June the 17th, 1950
March the 9th, 1936
April the 6th, 1909
20) Which of the following is NOT one of the reasons that Brother Branham believed he would have a part in getting Israel back to the Lord?
When Brother Branham was on his road to Palestine, the Lord told him "This is not yet the hour. Stay out of Palestine."
It's restoring the hearts of the children back to the fathers and the hearts of the fathers to the children: the Message
The Scripture says that Moses and Elijah will go to the Jews and preach the Gospel
The very hour, by the Pan American chart, that Israel was declared a nation for the first time for two thousand years, was the very same hour the Angel of the Lord sent Brother Branham with the Gospel