The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 57-0307 God Keeps His Word #2 will be available until Thursday, August 22, 2013

1) Where is the Scripture found that Brother Branham chose his text from?
St. John 5:24
St. Matthew 24:35
St. Mark 16:9
St. Luke 7:5
2) Heavens and earth shall pass away.
3) Why couldn't the Roman soldier break the legs of the Lord Jesus?
Because Jesus had already died
Because they were already broken
Because there wasn't a bone in His body broke
Because the soldier got scared and couldn't do it
4) There's only one way we are saved, that's by _______.
Faith through the Word
5) What will happen to the watchman that stands on the tower, if he sees the enemy coming and fails to warn the people?
God will require their blood at his hands
The king will execute him
He will loose his job as watchman
He must join sides with the enemy
6) Where did Brother Branham go back into the Old Testament and pick a context?
I Chronicles the 24th chapter
II Samuel the 2nd chapter
I Kings the 22nd chapter
Judges the 8th chapter
7) "When you see the world doing that or the devil giving you a prosperity, falsely, remember, he's building you up for a _______. That's right."
Great awakening
Great let-down
Terrible disappointment
Wonderful blessing
8) "When you try to find something that's a little _______, a little different from the written Word, the devil's right present to give it to you."
9) The biggest lie that was ever told has very little truth in it.
10) When Micaiah was called to answer whether or not Ahab should go up to Ramoth, what did he tell Ahab he saw?
He saw the heavens open
He saw angels and spirits on the right-hand and on the left-hand of God
He saw a council in heaven
All of the above
11) Who was the head man that walked up, and with his open hand, smacked the little preacher in the face. He said, "Which a way went the Spirit of God out of me, if you caught it?"
12) What Old Testament prophet said "God is a good God?"
13) Which church did Paul have trouble with?
The church of Ephesus
The Roman church
The church of Thessalonians
The Corinthian church
14) Which disciple had to have a sign or some sort of sensation before he would believe that Jesus had risen from the dead?
15) Brother Branham told Brother Moore that we need a prophet. Who did he say was the true prophet God sent to lead the church?
Billy Graham
Oral Roberts
Ministers of the Gospel
The Holy Ghost
16) "Your hand should hang down, but when there's something in you making a _______ for God and raising your hand, it breaks every rule; it's a spirit in you, that's saying, "Raise your hand, now.""
17) The whole armor of God is supernatural.
18) "He that believeth on Me, the works that I do, shall he do also." Where is this Scripture found?
Matthew 24
St. John 14
I Corinthians 3
II Timothy 5
19) What did Arnold von Winkelried scream with all of his might as he started running with his hands up into a hundred of the best trained spears of the enemy?
"I must fight then I must rein"
"Father, into Your hands I commit my spirit"
"Make way for liberty"
"Give me liberty or give me death"
20) Before Brother Branham starts the prayer line, what does he say he was waiting for?
His son Billy Paul
People to line up on Brother Branham's right side
He was waiting for a vision
He was waiting for the pianist to come to the platform and play "Only Believe"