The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 53-1114 Africa Trip Report will be available until Thursday, June 5, 2008

1) From which book of the Bible did Brother Branham take his text?
I Kings
2) What did the Angel of God tell Paul about the people on the stormy sea in a ship?
They are going to try to kill you
God has given you all them that sail with you
No one on the shipped will be saved
Every man on the ship will perish in the storm, but God will spare your life
3) You'll never see God turn a(n) __________ down.
Elderly person
4) What caused enough power to be caught on a lie detector machine that was powerful enough to send a radio message 55 times around the world?
The lie of a prisoner
The simple faith of a child
The prayer of a dying woman
The confession of a sinner
5) Brother Branham saw a boy in a vision get on a bus and come to the meeting. What did the boy suffer from?
One leg was shorter than the other
A growth on his head
A blood disease
6) Which brother was it that told Brother Branham, “Oh, I think that was wonderful,” but he didn’t really believe it?
Brother Bosworth
Brother Baxter
Brother Schoeman
Brother duPlessis
7) What was the name of Brother Schoeman’s little girl that the Holy Spirit told Brother Branham about?
8) The ministers wanted Brother Branham to take an itinerary, but Brother Branham was told not to go with them.
9) Brother Branham was supposed to go out and hunt lions, and tigers, and things with a man by the name of _______.
10) What happened to the Boer minister while he was praying for his friend's sinful soul?
He received the Holy Ghost
An Angel laid His hand on his back
He saw a vision of Brother Branham
He was healed of a sickness that had bothered him for years
11) Brother Branham said, "But, brother, I've had more trouble of _______ getting me out of the will of God then anything I've ever seen in my life."
Family members
My church
12) Who did Brother Schoeman drive like?
His son, Billy
King David
13) When Brother Branham made Brother Schoeman stop the car because he didn't want to go any further, the only person that stood up for Brother Branham was Brother Bosworth.
14) What did Brother Branham throw on the feet of several ministers, and say "THUS SAITH THE LORD, from this time on, we're out of the will of God...?"
Locust leaves
15) What happened when Brother Bosworth tried to start the meeting?
There was an earthquake
There was a tropical storm
The people began to leave
Brother Bosworth got sick
16) When the Angel of the Lord told Brother Branham that he could go with the ministers, who did the Angel say to wake up in the morning?
Brother Baxter
Brother Bosworth
Brother Schoeman
His son, Billy
17) What did the Lord tell Brother Branham he was going to have to do if he went with the ministers?
Apologize to them
Pay for it
Loose his divine gift
Stay in Africa
18) Brother Branham started getting sick and just barely lived to get home. What did he find out he was suffering from?
African Flu
Severe dehydration
African ameba dysentery
South African blood parasite
19) Throughout the rest of his life, Brother Branham struggled with the illness as a punishment.
20) When Brother Branham saw the vision of the people screaming his name to come that way, how many people did the Angel say would be in that Branham meeting?
One million
Five hundred thousand
Three hundred thousand
Fifty thousand