The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 62-0118 Convinced Then Concerned will be available until Sunday, January 31, 2016

1) When Brother Branham’s son, Joseph, was going out towards the road on his velocipede, what did he tell Brother Branham he saw that was holding him from going out on the road?
A great tall fence with an iron gate
A great big hand, looked like Jesus' hand
Two policemen, holding their hands out
His daddy standing their, holding his hand
2) Brother Branham said, “I just love to _______. I, I'm the poorest _______ in the world, but I've got a good Guide: Him. And He tells me where they're at, and usually I get them.”
Prospect / Prospector
Trap / Trapper
Hunt / Hunter
Fish / Fisherman
3) What was the Spanish word that Brother Branham learned that means “Do you hear me?”
4) “Then Jesus turned, and saw them following, and saith unto them, What seek ye? They said unto him, Rabbi, (which is to say, being interpreted, _______,) where dwellest thou?”
5) Brother Branham said: “Where young people, with calls in their life, to go out into the field and so forth, that goes for their training, and so forth, how they used to stand in line to be enrolled in the schools, and now you can hardly persuade them in. There is something wrong somewhere.” What did he say was wrong?
There was a lack of interest, not enough concern
They shut down all the schools
They refused to take new students in the schools
There was no one left in the field to preach to
6) Who was to introduce, to the world, the Messiah, because he was to go before Him, and there couldn't be a mistake in it? Brother Branham said concerning this: “Now, that's an important office. My brethren, you know, we got that same office. Right. It's truly introducing, to the people, the Messiah.”
John the Revelator
Peter who had the keys
The Apostle Paul
John the Baptist
7) Brother Branham had nothing against the schools. But he said sometimes, after you have got your degree in schools, you still have to go out in the wilderness somewhere to do what?
Rest before returning
Hunt wild game
Find the will of God
Stay away from people
8) What was Brother Branham’s answer to the question below? “Look. John knew. How was John so sure that right among that bunch somewhere, standing there then, was that Messiah? "There is One standing among you now, Who you don't know, and He's the One that's going to baptize with the Holy Ghost." See? He knew Him. Why?”
The priest had informed him
The meeting had been arranged
Because they were related
Because the time was at hand
9) If your life don't tally up to what you're professing, then there is something wrong with the spirit you got.
10) “It's here for those who are destined to receive It, who that believes it, who is awaiting on it. It's here to straighten out every one of them spiritual problems. It's here to heal every sick person that's present.” What is Brother Branham speaking of here?
The church
The Holy Spirit
11) “And I believe that every man, every woman, every boy or girl, that ever _______, that you're convinced that It is right, and It is the Holy Ghost, you are burdened so hard in your heart, that you can't stand still and let these people die like this in shame and sin. It'll grind the very heart out of you, to get out here on these streets.”
Had an experience
Goes to these schools
Stays long enough
Went to church
12) Death changes the soul. It doesn't change its dwelling place, but it's a changed soul.
13) “First, before you can get _______, you have to be _______ you're right. Then when you are convinced that God is right, and God is in you, and God did such great things for you, then you're sure.”
Convinced / Concerned
Concerned / Convinced
Satisfied / Sure
Results / Positive
14) After the first sermon Brother Branham tried to preach, what did Dr. Davis tell him?
“God is going to make a preacher out of you”
“Best sermon I ever heard”
“Don’t ever preach again”
“The worst I ever heard”
15) What did Brother Branham holler when he saw a church woman at the store with great, big hair fuzzed out like that, with blue-looking green paint around this way, and down that way?
“Go back, boogeyman. I'll be good”
“Looks like a haint to me, not a saint”
“You old Jezebel, Repent or perish”
“That’s the funniest-looking sight I ever seen"
16) “Over in Judges we find the _______ judge. Many of you never did read it. His name is Shamgar. Little bitty, one verse wrote of him, at the bottom of the pages of the—of the Bible, in my Scofield Bible here.”
17) “If the Message is right, get in It. If It isn't, get out of It and find where is right. Sure. If God be God, serve Him. But you can't serve God and _______ at the same time." Let's serve God."
18) “If you're the skin on the bottom of the feet, every _______ is underneath you. That's right. Exactly right. The Church! Where the head is, the body is with it.”
19) “I believe that God has made you lighthouses, each one of you. You, you have the responsibility of the _______ of this city, is resting upon ministers, upon the church people, the pilgrims, as we're journeying through. Don't you believe that?”
20) “When the Holy Ghost comes into you, He makes you a new creature. Yes, sir. He makes you a new creature. And He puts Himself within you, and you are His _______. You, He is living inside of you, working, moving His Own way in you.”