The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 64-0823M Questions And Answers #1 will be available until Monday, May 7, 2012

1) "And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!"
Matthew 24:19
John 5:6
Mark 12:17
2) Jesus said, "When you see Jerusalem compassed about with army, then let him that's in the field, don't return back into the city to get his coat, take anything out of his house; don't return back into the city at all, but flee into Judaea, for there'll be a time of trouble not since the world began." When did all this come to pass?
When Hitler and his troops killed millions of Jews
When Pilate crucified the Lord Jesus
When the Roman general, Titus, besieged Jerusalem
During the third Crusade, which was led by Richard Lionheart
3) There will be false anointed ones, and they'll call themselves prophets. But how will you recognize them?
They will have no anointing
By the Word
They will have no signs to follow their ministry
You won't be able to recognize them
4) The Bride will be gathered together in one place, but not until the _______.
Thousand year reign with Christ
Two prophets go to the Jews
5) The rapture will _______.
Start in America
Go from the east to the west sweeping across the world
Take several days to get all the Bride on earth into Heaven
Be universal
6) Brother Branham teaches and believes in being baptized in water to regeneration.
7) Water does not remit sins; it’s an _______.
Old Jewish custom
Answering towards a good conscience
Oath made between the worshipper and they're church
Unnecessary part of being a Christian
8) The sins of the people at the house of Cornelius were already gone when the Holy Ghost fell on them.
9) Who always stood out to Brother Branham in his life?
Justus duPlessis
Brother Schoeman
Brother and Sister Yeager
Sidney Jackson and his wife
10) The giants that were in the land after the flood were the sons of _____.
Fallen Angels
11) What was the closest animal to the human being?
The serpent
A chimpanzee
A gorilla
12) What did Brother Branham and Sister Meda do when their daughter, Becky, wanted to go to her friends and play that boogie-woogie music on the piano?
Gave her a little posterior protoplasma stimulation
Told her to move out if she wouldn't obey their rules
Quietly and prayerfully watched her go down the wrong path
Committed her in the hands of the Lord
13) Why does the sleeping virgin go through the tribulation?
So that they may witness to the Jews about the Message
That she might be saved during the tribulation
For the time of purification because she has rejected Christ, the Word
So she can save those who are savable
14) Jesus said, "Whosoever marries her that is put away does not commit adultery."
15) What church group did Brother Branham send three-quarters of a million of his children that he'd begotten to Christ?
The Assembly of God
The Jesus Only
The Mennonites
The Oneness
16) Who's name was written on the Lamb’s Book of Life and then blotted out?
17) What kind of chain was Satan bound with for one thousand years?
A spiritual chain
A chain of circumstance
A chain of the Word
A chain of angels
18) Who is the group of Revelations 20:4?
The Bride
The 144,000 Jews
The Gentile remnant
Those who worshipped the beast
19) What did the historians say was the most wonderful thing about Martin Luther?
How he could protest the Catholic church and get by with it
How he reformed Christianity
How he could hold his head above all the fanaticism and still stay true to the Word
How he cast out devils in every service
20) How big will the New Jerusalem be?
Fifty square miles
One hundred miles wide by one hundred miles long
Twelve hundred square miles
Fifteen hundred square miles