55-0724 Enticing Spirits

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Thursday, August 31, 2017

Brother Branham asked the people to pray for him about a great decision he had to make that day concerning a meeting coming up in a place that was a little touchy. What place was he talking about?
Right in the Russian capital of Moscow
Right on the Iron Curtain line in Germany
In the Vatican City of Rome
In the US capital city of Washington D.C.
Who was it that got to a place one time between two straits and didn't know which way to turn?
The Apostle Paul
John on the Isle of Patmos
Isaiah the prophet
What has a child reached when it knows right and wrong, and then it’s got to repent for what it knows that it’s done wrong?
Stage of adulthood
Age of responsibility
Time of maturity
Age of accountability
Fill in the blanks to the Scripture Brother Branham read on the dedication of children: "And they brought young children unto him, that he should touch them: and his _______ rebuked them that brought them. But when Jesus saw it, he was much displeased, and said unto them, Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the _______."
Disciples / Kingdom of God
Mother / Honor of men
Brethren / Teaching of the church
People / Tenth Commandment
“Or what king, going to make war against another king, sitteth not down first, and consult whether he is able with ten thousand to meet him that cometh against him with twenty thousand?” Who spoke these words in the Bible?
St. Mark
St. John
St. Matthew
None of the above
Brother Branham wanted to speak on Enticing Spirits, but what did he say it would really be titled?
Satan's Eden
Brother Branham said, "Cancer, tumor, cataract, tuberculosis, all those things are not natural things, they are _______ and are _______. The Scripture plainly vindicates that."
Mystical / Diseases
Supernatural / Demons
Bizarre / Unnatural
Perversions / Lies
Wherever you find Christians gathered together, you find people who has those spirits in them that is undesirable. Do those people want those spirits?
“I am positive sure this morning, if men and women could only get into the position of where their _______, their _______, their _______, will be perfect in the sight of God, that would be one of the most powerful churches that ever existed.”
Emotion / Belief / Outlook
Atmosphere / Idea / Manner
Soul / Thinking / Attitude
Heart / Philosophy / Approach
What kind of faith do you have if your confession says one thing and your life lives another?
Rational faith
Irrational faith
Substitute faith
Intellectual faith
Fill in the blanks to the continuation of question number 10: "And that shows that outside, here, is a _______ of God; but inside, here, is a _______ a doubting."
Spirit / Spirit
Knowledge / Demon
Thought / Conception
Supply / Person
“Give me a preacher, give me a Christian, give me a housewife that’s a Christian, give me a farmer, or a factory worker, that will put God first in everything, I’ll show you a man will be _______ in the spite of all the devil can put on him. He seeks God, first.”
Why is there a weakness in the church today?
They try to make things pattern like the world
They’ve tried to put shiny lights over it, like Hollywood
They’ve gone out after man’s doctrine and enticing spirits
All of the above
Who said, “I’ll only say what God says.”?
King Jehoshaphat
The Prophet Micaiah
The Prophet Jeremiah
King Ahab
In what two ways did the Prophet Micaiah have the Word?
He was both learned and educated in the Scriptures
He had the Word written and also by a vision
He was a scholar and a priest in the temple
He had the Word by dream and by inspiration
If we can be emotional, and we can go to church, that means that we’re saved. You believe those enticing spirits.
“Amongst a lot of people we find where emotions, and so forth, there become tattlings and backbitings, and all kind of ungodly things. Brother, that’s __________in the church. It’s demon power.”
Contaminated water
Straight bleach
Sulphuric acid
Raw sewage
What was Brother Branham referring to when he said, “Don’t try to reform him. Don’t try to tell him this, that, or the other.”
A pig
A sinner
A hog
All of the above
"You need to let go of the world and all these devilish things, and take God’s Word in your heart. You got to be taught how to do that. You don’t do it by jumping up-and-down, neither do you do it on a forty-day fast. You do it by a _______ to Almighty God."
A dedicated church member
Surrendered heart
Faithful listener
Prayer warrior
“But there’s one thing, if you die under the anointing Power of the Holy Ghost, like _______did when he looked up in the face of God, said, “I see Heaven’s open, and Jesus standing at the right hand,” you’re _______, like a martin to its box. Amen.”
Stephen / Heaven bound
Elisha / Rapture bound
Paul / Glory bound
Joshua / Canaan bound