The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 63-0717 A Prisoner will be available until Sunday, July 5, 2015

1) Who did Brother Branham say he baptized in the baptismal service the day of this message?
Brother Neville
Brother Lee Vayle
Brother Joseph Bose
His son, Billy Paul
2) A shadow has to possess so much _______ and so much _____, to make a shadow.
Darkness, light
Black, white
Good, bad
Moonlight, sunlight
3) What place did Brother Branham speak about where they sent tapes and a tape recorder, where it's very primitive?
The jungles of the Amazon in South America
Rhodesia, Africa
To countries of the far east
The inlands of Jamaica
4) The natives had a tape recorder like the old Victrola, that they had to crank every few minutes as they played the tapes. What tape were they listening to when the Pillar of Fire moved over the tape recorder?
Be Certain Of God
The Church Ages
The Seven Seals
A Prophet Like Unto Moses
5) What little Book of the Bible did Brother Branham read from that he had never spoke out of before in his life?
6) What did Paul call himself?
A captive
A servant
A free man
A prisoner
7) Each one of us has to choose, this day, between _______.
Freedom and captivity
Wealth and poverty
Death and Life
Friends and family
8) How should we judge ourselves?
By how much knowledge you have of the Word
Look at what kind of fruit your life is bearing
By how much power you have to perform miracles
We cannot judge ourselves
9) Where was the little boy when he seen himself for the first time in a mirror on the door?
His grandma's
At school
His friend's
His neighbor's
10) Paul called himself a prisoner in his letter to Philemon, because Paul was in prison at the time he wrote the letter.
11) It was perhaps this time in the day that Saul was stricken down by the Pillar of Fire on the road to Damascus?
Early in the morning
As the sun was setting in the evening
Eleven o'clock
Three o'clock
12) If you're a prisoner to the Word, no denomination can sway you from It
13) Why could Paul not go to certain places that he wanted?
He was tired
The Spirit forbade him
The government was after him
He was bound in jail
14) Paul was bound by a chain, and by fetters of _______, to do the will of God, and that only. He was a prisoner.
15) Our will should be so yoked to Him, till we don't even know what our _______ are.
16) Paul was _______ in the Spirit, to do only God's bidding, then he become a prisoner of Jesus Christ.
17) God always has to take any man that will serve Him truly, to be His prisoner.
18) What is the first step?
Speak in tongues and perform miracles
Start going to church
Become a respectable member of society
Surrender, and become a prisoner
19) Moses with that stick in his hand as a witness, was just like _______.
Joshua with his sword
David with the slingshot
Aaron and his breastplate
Noah and the Ark
20) Brother Branham said, "What God, to my opinion, will do and must do, and will do in this last day, is to find _______."
A denomination to follow Him
A group to work through
A tool for the harvest
A Gamaliel to teach the people