57-0623 Believe From The Heart

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Friday, June 30, 2017

Fill in the blanks to Brother Branham’s Scripture reading in James chapter 5: “Confess your _______ one to another, and pray ye one for the other, that you may be healed. For the effectual fervent prayer of a _______ man availeth much.”
Faults / Righteous
Desires / Holy
Deeds / Anointed
Righteousness / Righteous
What does Brother Branham ask everyone to do in their own way after reading in the Book of Mark?
Spend a few silent minutes pondering over the Scripture
Pray for all the lost souls in the world
Re-consecrate their lives to Christ
Pray the prayer of faith for the sick people
“It’s impossible for God to do anything for the people until the people first get settled on whether it’s _______ or not.”
When anything is Eternal, it has no end, and it had no beginning.
“And any man that’s ever led by the Spirit of God does not take any thought of any _______, but he is led from his heart by the Spirit of God.”
“There is not enough demons out of torment could ever shake it from you. It’s Something on the inside, called the “_______.” There is where real faith finds its resting place.”
Faith only reasons until perfect loves sets in.
Who was the man who built the great Municipal Bridge in Sydney, Australia that no one else could build?
An engineer from France
A bridge builder in England
A contractor from New York
A man from their own city
Jesus said, “A man buying a ground, or going to meet an army, first he sits down and he counts the cost.” What does Brother Branham compare this to?
Counting what it means before you come to be anointed
Having a budget before purchasing a new home
Paying tithes to your church before you do anything else
Being a faithful steward to what the Lord has given you
“Every son that cometh to God must first be tried.” No exceptions; every one! Every prophet, before he could write in that Bible, he was tested by the _______.”
Other prophets
Holy Spirit
What does anything that’s worth having have attached to it?
A price
A consequence
A disadvantage
A penalty
We are His witnesses before we have received the Holy Spirit.
What was God talking about when He had prophesied and said, “It’ll be a time when the sun goes down in the middle of the day.”?
When the resurrection should come
The birth of Christ
When the Sabbath would cease
The oncoming judgment
Why did Jesus walk up to the fig tree and say “No man eateth from thee,” and walked away?
Because it was time to bear figs, and there were no figs
He had more compassion on the tree than on sick people
To make His disciples feel weak
To prove Himself that He was the Messiah
One time the Lord said, “Be _______ and know that I am God.”
“But there is a place that men can live, so close, in the Presence of God. It’s not by your choosing. It’s by God’s election that you live in that spot, till where your own _______ has nothing no more to do with it.”
In Karlsruhe, Germany, spiritualist came out and cast a spell on Brother Branham's meeting to blow it down with a storm. How many souls were swept into the Kingdom of God when Brother Branham stood still and watched God make the storm move back?
Nearly ten thousand souls
About forty thousand souls
The entire congregation
There were none that believed
“And if you can just empty your own _______ thoughts out, and give God the right of way, He can declare His character through the work of your _______.”
Selfish / Compassion
Compassionate / Sacrifice
Intellectual / Yielding
Carnal / Understanding
Which animal story did Brother Branham NOT talk about as a witness of God showing His power?
Little fish
What song did Brother Branham start singing before praying at the end of his message?
Only Believe
My faith looks up to Thee
It's Dripping With Blood
Oh How I Love Jesus