The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 59-0417 Jehovah-Jireh will be available until Sunday, June 23, 2013

1) Brother Branham stayed on the Book of _________ one time in his church for three years straight. That was constantly in services, breaking the text down.
2) Brother Branham read just one verse of Scripture for his text, found in the Book of _______
Romans 2:15
Luke 12:17
James 4:3
Genesis 22:14
3) What is it when you feel bad to go out on the street and see the way people live in sin?
Condemnation in your own heart
It’s your conscious dealing with your heart
The righteousness of God in your heart
It's satan trying to make you judge those people
4) If God lets the United States get by with its sinning without having judgment, He will be duty bound as a righteous God to resurrect ________ and apologize.
The Antediluvian world
Sodom and Gomorrah
5) The same Spirit that appeared to Abraham and asked him "Where is Sarah thy wife" is the same Spirit that came in the body of Jesus Christ and said, "Thou art Simon. Your father is Jonas."
6) You've got to be ______ with the Author of the Bible, then you can read between the lines.
In love
In contact
In the same mind
In tune
7) "For the bondswoman and her child will not be heir with the free woman and her child." Who was the bondswoman that was cast out from Abraham and Sarah?
8) When Hagar put her baby under a bush and went away and cried, because she couldn't stand to hear the baby crying for water and dying in that condition, God heard her cry.
9) "Science claims, between _______ you are at your peak. After that you start dying."
Thirty and thirty five
Fifteen and twenty
Twenty and twenty three
Twenty five and thirty
10) We've all sinned and come short of the glory.
11) Which of the following did Brother Branham use, by going between the lines, to prove that God changed Abraham and Sarah to a young man and woman?
They journeyed down from Canaan to Gerar, about three hundred miles
Abimelech saw that Sarah was beautiful and fell in love with her
Abraham at a hundred and forty-five married another woman and had seven sons besides daughters
All of the above
12) Who was Brother Branham speaking of in the following quote? "...the next night I couldn't hardly preach. He'd say, "Everybody keep still. Praise the Lord for healing me." Set back down."
John Rhyn
Brother Wiseheart
Russell Creech
13) How far did Abraham travel into the wilderness when he took Isaac to sacrifice for a burnt offering?
A hundred and fifty miles
Three day's journey
Twenty miles
Ten day's journey
14) In the story of Abraham offering Isaac for a sacrifice, what was a beautiful type of Christ packing the wooden cross up the hill?
Abraham taking the wood off of his own back and placing it on Isaac
Abraham and Isaac walking up the hill alone
Isaac submitting himself to death
The ram that was caught in the brush by the horns
15) What's the first word the Bible ever mentioned of Isaac's voice?
"Where are we going, father"
"Not my will father, but thine be done"
"My father"
"Look father, a ram"
16) Where did the ram come from that Abraham sacrificed on the mountain?
There were a lot of rams in that mountain range
The Lord spoke it into existence
The ram had wandered up the mountain and got caught by the horns
The young men that were with Abraham brought it up the mountain
17) You don't seek Divine healing; the Divine healer seeks you.
18) Brother Branham called out a young boy from the audience named Benny. What language did Benny speak?
19) What happens when you raise your hand and confess that you need Christ in your life?
That shows supernatural power
The difference between death and Life if you mean it
You break the laws of gravitation
All of the above
20) What did Paul say was to be by courses of three?
Discernment of people’s hearts
Speaking in tongues