The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 58-0209A Hear Ye Him will be available until Monday, November 28, 2011

1) Name the book and the chapter of the Bible from which Brother Branham took his text.
Matthew 17
Mark 17
Hebrews 3
John 3
2) Who appeared on Mount Transfiguration talking to Jesus?
Jeremiah and Isaiah
Moses and Elias
Elijah and Elisha
Noah and Moses
3) What did the little boy ask the old fisherman?
Does God have skin on him?
Does God have a hand like yours?
Can a man see God?
Does Jesus have a boat?
4) In the story Brother Branham tells about being in the mountains and seeing God in His creation, what was he doing before he heard the squirrel chatter, chatter, chatter?
He was aiming his rifle at an elk
He was talking to an eagle
He was talking with Bert Call
He was running around and around a tree
5) Why was the eagle so brave?
He knew Brother Branham loved animals and that he wouldn't hurt him
He thought Brother Branham couldn't see him
He knew how to trust the wings that God gave him
He had sharp talons and a sharp beak to fight with
6) When you really find a man that is a great man, he makes you think that you're a great man.
7) Who did Jesus take with Him up on the mountain where He was transfigured?
James, Peter and John
Peter, James, and Phillip
Peter, John and Andrew
James, Andrew and Judas
8) When doubts come, and fears begin to rise, what is that certain place that you can always come back to?
The place where you were baptized
Your family
The first time you ever felt the Holy Spirit
The time where you met God on those sacred sands
9) Which disciple was hope?
10) Who were the three heavenly beings on the mountain?
Elijah, Moses, and Abraham
Elijah, Moses, and Jesus
Peter, James, and John
Gabriel, Michael, and Jesus
11) When you receive the Holy Ghost, you've received your inheritance.
12) What does the original Greek say for St. John 14, "In My Father's house is many mansions?"
"In My Father's apartment house is many apartments"
"In My Father's house are many kingdoms"
"In My Father's house is a house of many"
"In My Father's Kingdom is many palaces"
13) In the Old Testament, when a son reached a certain age and was found to be obedient, his father would _______.
Take him to a public place and put him up on a high place
Put a robe on him
Adopt his son into his family
All of the above
14) The number _____ is a confirmation.
15) The placing of a son to his position was only for Jesus, not for us.
16) What did the Voice from Heaven say on the mountain?
"This is My beloved Son; hear ye Him"
"Thou art my beloved son; in thee I am well pleased"
"Behold, the Lamb of God"
"I have both glorified it, and will glorify it again."
17) Which of the following represents the justice of God?
18) "That _____ will walk with hobnailed shoes, where _____fear to trod."
Demons, Angels
Angels, humans
Fools, Christians
Fools, Angels
19) What did Jesus represent?
The love of God
The judgment rod of God
The justice of God
The law
20) Who became a real sweet, meek-hearted Christian after watching a doe search for her baby?
Bud Southwick
Bert Call
Charlie Cox
Lyle Wood