63-1229e Look Away To Jesus

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Saturday, November 30, 2019

Who had a little boy that was healed from having his face crushed in a car accident?
Brother Sothmann
Brother Maguire
Brother Blair
Brother Ungren
There was one person in the Bible who was baptized in the Name of “the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.”
Which of the following does Brother Branham NOT mention about the Third Pull?
It won’t be used in a great way until the Council begins to tighten up
It has now been vindicated
It will transform unbelievers to believers
There will never be an impersonation of it
What is the “dragon” of Revelation 13?
The Council of Churches
The United States
What will introduce Jesus Christ to the world?
This Message
The Archangel Gabriel
A trumpet
The Rapture
When Brother Branham was a boy, how much did it cost him to get three ice cream cones and almost a half a pound of red hots?
A quarter
A dime
A nickel
Fifty cents
Who said the right thing when they said, “That’s nothing but the Truth”?
Sister Wood
Sister Meda
Georgie Carter
Hattie Wright
What did Sister Hattie ask for?
The healing of her crippled sister, Edith
The salvation of her two sons
Money because they were poor
Her old and broke down father and mother
Which of the following brothers did Brother Branham NOT mention as a witness to the storm ceasing in Colorado?
Brother John Sharrit
David Wood
Brother Mann
Brother Evans
When Sister Meda went out to a little shed to pray about marrying Brother Branham, she asked the Lord to give her a Scripture to help her. What Scripture did she open her Bible to?
Amos 3:7
Revelation 10:7
Malachi 4
I Corinthians 7
How many examples did Brother Branham give of the Third Pull already being used?
Fill in the blank for the following Scripture Brother Branham read: “And the Lord said unto Moses, Make thee a fiery serpent, and set it upon a pole: and that it shall come to pass, that every one that is bitten, when he _______, shall live.”
Toucheth it
Looketh upon it
Which Scripture was Brother Branham referring to when he said, “Look unto Me, all the ends of the earth”?
Zechariah 12:10
Numbers 21:5
Isaiah 45:22
Ezekiel 42:2
“What opinion you take of the _______, is what you take of _______. “
Good / The bad
Bible / Him
The Sermon / The preacher
Church / The congregation
Which of the following Bible characters does Brother Branham NOT use as an example for his text?
The woman at the well
The Syrophenician woman
Jeremiah saw a "Wheel in the middle of the wheel."
You can keep all the commandments, and still not have Eternal Life.
Who was in jail, expecting to be executed, but he was set free because someone took his place?
John the Baptist
Brother Branham said at the beginning of the prayer line, "Now, if I happen to say, “_______,” do it right quick, honey, ’cause evil things leave, such as cancer and diseases, and it goes out amongst the people, and gets into others."
Raise your hand
Bow your head
Step outside
Look up
Who was the man in the audience that Brother Branham had stand up who had recently raised from the dead?
Brother Way
Brother Wood
Brother Sothmann
Brother Maguire